[Maple iDentity] [ Beta Ended ] [ ver 83 ] [ Officially launch on 25 October 2019 ]


Welcome to Maple iDentity!

v0.83 GMS but with lots of custom content

  • Server Rate:

Exp: 1-9 = 1x 10-29 = 6x 30-69 = 5x 70-129 = 4x 130-149 = 3x  150-159 = 2x 160-200 = 1x
Meso: 2x
Drop: 1x

  • Item Leveling:

Every equips in Maple iDentity can level up to 11. Each level will have a chance to give you 0 to 3 bonus stats that the equip already possess and also each level gives you 20HP.

  • Monster Book System:

Each completed monster card will gain you 0.5 primary stat.
Each competed monster book tier will gain you HP:
Red = 50 HP Orange = 100 HP Light Green = 150 HP Dark Green = 200 HP Teal = 250 HP Blue = 300 HP Purple = 350 HP Black = 400 HP Gold = 450 HP. 
A total of 2250 HP if you complete the whole tier of the monster book.


  • Jewel System:

There is 14 type of Jewels which is "STR DEX INT LUK HP MP WDEF WATK MDEF MATK JMP SPD EVA ACC". Each jewel takes 1 slot. Jewel effect can be stacked.
Example: You can have 5 STR jewel and it will give you an addition of 5 STR.


  • Daily Reward and Login Streak Reward System:

At level 70, login streak reward will be enabled.
You will be rewarded with different items daily.
If you missed a day, the streak will break and you will start from day 1 reward again.


  • Dummy in FM to let your test your DPM/DPS:


  • Daily/Weeky Achievement Task Point System:

For completing the required task you will gain daily achievement task point which will be reset at midnight and also weekly achievement task point that will reset by the end of Sunday.

When you hit certain daily achievement task point, you will be rewarded.

And much more. Join our discord to find out more.

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