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Croosade v110 progressive & v92 - Low rates
Post and pre big bang. Challenging but fair low rates. Windows, MAC and Linux. Friendly, experienced and active staff. Available 24/7. Custom HP/MP system. All party quests, all bosses, all jobs and skills, all quests. Full friendship, engagement and marriage. Professional anti-cheat system.
V92 V110
uwuMS [Come and join Beta]
Beta has arrivied! Come and join beta as rates are currently 50x. Release is right around the corner!
Cute Copy Paste Dev Pog >_< Single people ready to meet Lolis Milfs Dilfs Dogs Cats V92 Sugar Daddies Waiting for you NSFW free uwu OwO HeneHoe Approved Start with a free cat Support Gays Potentials maplestory
Orion v92 - Nostalgia with a refreshing twist
The ONLY v92 MapleStory Private Server! We take pre-bigbang to the next level with HD 1024x768 resolution and complete Windows 8/8.1/10 support. Not only are we nearly identical to GMS, we also offer our own completely custom classes (NOT skill covers) and Nexon-quality content that no other server ...
A MapleStory development project. *Not releasing soon*, but we\'re actively working on it. The discord is currently not accepting any more members.
V92 V90 Nostalgic Low Rate
MoeStory -- v92 -- High Resolution
A Pre-BB from-scratch server, currently in active development.
V92 v92 Old School NoPay2Win HD Widescreen Client OwO