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Odyssey A MapleStory development project. *Not releasing soon*, but we\'re actively working on it. The discord is currently not accepting any more members.
V92 V90 Nostalgic Low Rate
MapleLove - MapleStory Viet Nam
Welcome to Maplestory Viet Nam.
v146 V90 V62 Old School MapleStory Low Rate maplestory
[Updated from V83 to V90] OriginsMS (MapleOrigins) was launched back in 2013-2014. It was a party quest friendly server where the PQ rates were much higher then the EXP rates. That\'s what made players come together in PQs. I want to rebuild that fun nostalgic feeling with friends (OriginsMS will be...
V90 No Vote2Win No Leeching No Pay2Win Custom PQs Nostalgic Low Rate
[v90] - RoyalMS - Pre Big Bang - HD Widescreen - 4x2x3x -
HD Widescreen Client. Balanced Gameplay. No Pay2Win, we are Play2Win. Free NX Cash & Gachapon just by playing the game. Player commands for ALL the players. Frequently GM events. For more info about the server features we have for you see our website. Looking for staff. Discord: https://discord.gg/z...
HD Client No Pay2win Play-to-win V90 Free NX HD Widescreen Client Old School MapleStory Low Rate