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LegacyMS - A new Journey - v90
[ RATES : 7 x 3 x 3 ] [ Weekday & Weekend Rates ] [ Active Staff ] [ All PQ available ] [ Dual Blader & Evan ] [ Gachapon ] [ Vote for NX cash & Monsters drop NX cash ] [ Equipments level up progressive ] [ MAX level 250 ] [ No rebirths ] [GMS-like marriage ] [ Free Hired Merchants ] [ Rings availa...
Dual Bladers Evans Old School MapleStory V90 All Quests Working Ulu City Ninja Castle Progressive Temple of Time Fun Nostalgic
Academia V90 — Rateless
Academia offers never-before-seen, customized features - like no other can provide: [No EXP Rates] [Creative Leveling & Rebirthing] [Unlock Jobs] [Custom Quests] [World Bosses] [Custom Maps] [Custom Cash Shop] [HD Widescreen client] [Advanced Anti-Cheat System] [Anti-AFK Content] [Discord emojis ing...
V90 Rateless Unlock Jobs World Bosses Custom Maps Reborn HD Widescreen Client Custom Content
Eldia [GMS v90] MapleStory Private Server
Tired of High Rates but don’t want to play the dreadful Low Rates? Join us! Our base exp is 30x but we run a Dynamic EXP system! We offer a Challenging but Rewarding Gameplay. [30x/4000x/1x] [Buffed Channels] [Skill Balancing/Changes Overhaul] [Custom Hairs/Faces] [Custom Gameplay] [Unique Rebirth...
V90 Original Content Mid Rate Friendly Community Fun Nostalgic Low Rate
A MapleStory development project. *Not releasing soon*, but we\'re actively working on it. The discord is currently not accepting any more members.
V92 V90 Nostalgic Low Rate