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MapleMS - Progressive EXP Rate [LINKED SYSTEM] [HP Washing Optional]
For people who like the Pre-BB experience but get bored of grinding at higher levels. - v83 Progressive EXP rate / 5x Meso / 5x Drop - HP Washing optional (HP per level multiplied by 1.5) - Linked Skills - All PQs working including custom - Item leveling
V83 Old School Mid Rate No HP Washing Low Rate



MapleEncore v83 [Beta] [Up2Date Items] [Limited Rebirth] [GM Events] [100x 3x 2x]
Old story with a new twist. Why choose when you can learn all the skills from every class. Unique Rebirth System with progressively lower exp rate. Become a Dark Knight that bombards enemies with Aerial Strike; a Hero that doubles as a Shadower; a Buccaneer that flies a Battleship. Be the hero you w...
V83 Progressive Mid Rate NoPay2Win Rebirths Fun Hard Custom Content Low Rate



Try OurMS! A New server started officially on 14 February 2019! Progressive Rates for EXP from 4x to 12x, MESOS 1x and DROPS 3x!! Global monster\'s drops includes premium currency, maple leaves, chaos scrolls, 1%/3%/5%/20% clean slate scrolls, white scrolls, smegas, flaming feathers and perfect pitc...
V83 V83 Mid Rate NoPay2Win Old School MapleStory Fun votesystem maple Nostalgic Custom Content



[Rebirths][Progressive ExpRate][LevelCap 255] MesoRate(2x), DropRate(3x), BossDrop(5x), MonstersHP(3x), QuestRate(15x), EquipmentLevelUp, Maker Skill, [PQs][Bosses][Custom NPCs][QuestPts System][VotePts System][@warper][Custom Gacha][New DeathPenalties][Vega’s Spell][Vicious Hammer][SoK]
Rebirths Old School V83 GMs Like All Bosses All PQs Temple of Time Mid Rate No P2W Party Quests No HP Washing Rebirths Nostalgic



[Open Beta September 20th] MapleChord v62 - x10-x25 Exp, x1 Mesos, x1 Drop
Want to play a nostalgic version like in the good old days but don\'t want to grind all day playing on a low rate server? MapleChord offers you a unique old-school semi-gms like experience, with mid rates, high mob spawn rate, and re-balanced stats for easier training. We also encourage people to pl...
V62 Active Development Mid Rate Party Quests Friendly Community Old School Challenging Rebirths Nostalgic



HellMS-v83 - 10x OR 400x EXP - 1000x meso - Custom DROP
Want the Low rate experience? Want the mid rate experience? We have BOTH! Rebirthers have a job limit of 2. We have lots of PQ\'s and single player quests as well, like the amazingly challenging Devil\'s Maze! Also custom NPC\'s, PQ\'s, DROPS and a custom made quest system. Check our forum for all t...
V83 Mid Rate NoVote2Win Custom Drop Table Custom PQs NoPay2Win MonsterCarnivalPQ Rebirths MSI Custom Content Low Rate



MapleLight V83 [Looking for Coder,GFX,WZ EDITOR] [Down for Update] [Discord Link Updated]
MapleLight is currently shutdown for updates. In the meantime, you can join our discord channel to receive more information/updates regarding to our server. Also we are looking for coder, GFX, WZ EDITOR who is interested in coding maple. Please join our discord if you are interested in joining us! ...
V83 Active Development NoPay2Win Mid Rate Friendly Community Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Challenging Nostalgic Custom Content



Eldia [GMS v90] MapleStory Private Server
Tired of High Rates but don’t want to play the dreadful Low Rates? Join us! Our base exp is 30x but we run a Dynamic EXP system! We offer a Challenging but Rewarding Gameplay. [30x/4000x/1x] [Buffed Channels] [Skill Balancing/Changes Overhaul] [Custom Hairs/Faces] [Custom Gameplay] [Unique Rebirth...
V90 Original Content Mid Rate Friendly Community Fun Nostalgic Low Rate