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MapleKey - v83 - A MapleStory Private Server
We are a high-rate v83 server that molds with the community. »1000x/750x/3x« »Competitive Play« »Item of Choice« »Sandbox to test IOCs« »MSI System« »Custom JQs« »Party Quests« »1000 Rebirths for GM Job« »Peridot Currency« »No Pay to Win« »Game Room« »Lottery« »GM & Player-H...
V83 WZ edits Free Cosmetics No P2W Daily Login Rewards High Rate Private Server Rebirths MSI maplestory
Kya Story
Looking for a private server that is constantly adding new content? KyaStory is the place for you. Our team is devoted to providing a custom/stable environment for our users. Some features include: [JQ NPC], [MSI], [INTERESTING RB SYSTEM], [BEST PVP SYSTEM (with achievements)], [CUSTOM EVENT...
V83 Friendly Community Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Custom PQs High Rate PvP
TarloMS - A nostalgic experience
Take a trip back 10 years ago when v83 high rate servers were thriving; full of fun events, competitive grinding, and close-knit communities. TarloMS is bringing that back, with all new innovative features never before seen. Coming August 2018. We are recruiting! If interested please email us a summ...
V83 Daily Events High Rate Nostalgic Custom Content
SmileStory v83
[v83 - 8x - 3x - 3x] [0 Lag] [GM Amistosos] [Comunidad Alegre] [Doble de Experiencia Fines de Semana] [5 Canales Activos] [Sistema de Rebirth] [Job Avanzado] [Kerning PQ, Ludi PQ, LMPQ, BossPQ] [NoP2W] [Jobs up to Mihile] [Latinos]
V83 Potentials High Rate MonsterCarnival DojoPQ Fun Hard MSI votesystem Custom Content maplestory