MapleStory Private Servers in Sweden

Top 100 MapleStory Private Servers ranked by popularity in Sweden

GMS-like with custom features. [Active Development] [Raised Scroll Success Rate] [Global NX Mob Drop] [APR Exchange NPC] [Cash Rate Coupons] [Marriages with Ring Effect] [PQs] [Minigames] [Vicious Hammer] [SoK] [Vega’s Spell] [Gach] [Who Drops]
V83 NoPay2Win Low Rate
Tale of Life
Do you want to get paid to play Maplestory? Join, Tale of Life and all you need to do is rank 1-3 every month and we will award you with $50 Paypal and ingame items. The player ranked number 1 will of course get better rewards than the others. For more information visit our discord at https://discor...