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8x EXP and Meso. 2x Drop. No need for a fancy introduction. Join our knit community and have some fun.
V83 Mid Rate NoVote2Win NoPay2Win HP Washing Optional Old School MapleStory
Fresh v83 Private Server, Currently undergoing beta as of 2019-06-30. Progressive EXP rates starting at 2x:, The Source used for this server is very stable and barely ran into anything not working. Currently locked using using Hamachi as this server is just in the \"Test Beta stage\" And it will be ...
V83 Progressive EXP Rate GMS Like Mid Rate Party Quests Old School Rebirths Fun
Tale of Life
Do you want to get paid to play Maplestory? Join, Tale of Life and all you need to do is rank 1-3 every month and we will award you with $50 Paypal and ingame items. The player ranked number 1 will of course get better rewards than the others. For more information visit our discord at https://discor...