MapleStory Private Servers in Netherlands

Top 100 MapleStory Private Servers ranked by popularity in Netherlands

Croosade v110 progressive & v92 - Low rates
Post and pre big bang. Challenging but fair low rates. Windows, MAC and Linux. Friendly, experienced and active staff. Available 24/7. Custom HP/MP system. All party quests, all bosses, all jobs and skills, all quests. Full friendship, engagement and marriage. Professional anti-cheat system.
V92 V110
Old School Maple [OSM] - The Real Nostalgic MapleStory [v7] [Progressive] [2x-1x EXP] [1x Drop]
Come one, come all! Relive the Old School MapleStory with no HP washing and original monster spawns. Master your class and learn all the 3rd job skills! [HD Support] [Professional Anti-Cheat] [Professional Website] [3rd Job Only] [GMS-Like] [No Leeching] [No Buff Mules] [Incentives]
Party Quests GMS Like No Pay2win LowRates Old School Old School MapleStory No 4th Job NoVote2Win No Leeching No HP Washing No P2W Mac Compatible Old School MapleStory Nostalgic Low Rate
Chirithy v83 - in development
[250/100/3 rates] [Custom jobs and skills] [Custom maps] [Custom mobs and bosses] [Custom items] [Custom eyes and hairs] [Storyline] [Highrate] [Rebirth] [Custom mounts] [Custom chairs] [Customized gameplay and content] [MSI and crafting] [BossPQ] [Fishing] [PVP] [Up to date items]
V83 Custom Content rebirth
MapleOracle V83 - Server is open for testing
MapleOracle is back once again we are launching soon so join our discord for updates!
V83 Meme Support Gays Mid Rate NoPay2Win Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Challenging rebirth Custom Content maplestory
LegacyMS - A new Journey - v90
[ RATES : 7 x 3 x 3 ] [ Weekday & Weekend Rates ] [ Active Staff ] [ All PQ available ] [ Dual Blader & Evan ] [ Gachapon ] [ Vote for NX cash & Monsters drop NX cash ] [ Equipments level up progressive ] [ MAX level 250 ] [ No rebirths ] [GMS-like marriage ] [ Free Hired Merchants ] [ Rings availa...
Dual Bladers Evans Old School MapleStory V90 All Quests Working Ulu City Ninja Castle Progressive Temple of Time Fun Nostalgic
Maple Art Online
[BETA] Feel like you are repeating the same steps over and over on different servers? Are you looking for something completely out of the box, professional and innovative? Well look no further! You have found Maple Art online! This server is based on the popular anime Sword Art Online. Travel the 10...
V83 Hardcore Mode NoPay2Win Custom Areas Custom Drop Table Custom PQs Fun Hard Custom Content Low Rate
HellMS-v83 - 10x OR 400x EXP - 1000x meso - Custom DROP
Want the Low rate experience? Want the mid rate experience? We have BOTH! Rebirthers have a job limit of 2. We have lots of PQ\'s and single player quests as well, like the amazingly challenging Devil\'s Maze! Also custom NPC\'s, PQ\'s, DROPS and a custom made quest system. Check our forum for all t...
V83 Mid Rate NoVote2Win Custom Drop Table Custom PQs NoPay2Win MonsterCarnivalPQ Rebirths MSI Custom Content Low Rate
Arcana [gms V186]
Maplestory server currently in development! Feel free to join the discord server to keep up to date along with suggest ideas, and be part of a community.
MapleStory Dejavu Rates 1,3,1
Welcome to MapleStory Dajavu. Where you can enjoy the good old days before the Maple World got destroyed by the Big Bang. Rates are 1,3,1
MapleStory V177.2 development, Join our Discord channel and get Instant updates !
Want a clean server? Just like the old (v83) GMS? Search no longer and login to iMaple!
V83 Low Rate Nostalgic Old School MapleStory
Aurora [GMS v178] Maplestory Private Server
The most innovative, creative and competitive maplestory private server. Coming soon...
maplestory Challenging Friendly Community Original Content competitive Skill Balance Changes
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BoomBoomMS v142 [V159 edits]
10EXP-10MESO-3DROP / REBORN! / FIXED RESPAWNS / Automatic donate system / Daily Custom Quests! / BUFFED CHANNEL / Level seller npc / FM fishing! / Cube NPC / Bonus pot NPC / Root Abyss! / Gollux! / GRAND QUEST SYSTEM / Player Event commands! / All jobs / NX from monsters system / Event reward NPC / ...