MapleStory Private Servers in Germany

Top 100 MapleStory Private Servers ranked by popularity in Germany

MapleHeros - The Adventure Begin - Comeing Soon
MapleHeros - v83 GMS Like - Cooming soon! If you\'re looking for something you\'ve never seen before, a social community, objects and maps from different versions of the game, Special Quest\'s is a donation shop with objects that have not been seen until now. Full rebirth system first rebirth in lv...
Afterlands v184 - MapleSea
[4/2/1] Afterlands is a MapleSea based private server. We\'re an up to date Reboot like server gameplay-wise, but we\'ll offer the ability to scroll and trade items. Plus many other quality of life changes. All classes will be available at launch along with their 5th job skills, link skills and legi...
Challenging Low Rate
Amiga's SummerStory
~Amiga\'s SummerStory~ - v83 Progressive EXP rate / 2x Meso / 2x Drop - Potential System !!! - Custom HD Widescreen client - Item leveling - All PQs working - Maximum Level 250 - Special Beauty Coupons - Leeching System - Nx From Mobs - Custom Systems, Bosses, Cosmetics from newer versions
V83 Item Potentials Custom Maps HD Widescreen Client Low Rate V83 Custom Content