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MapleStory Private Servers in Australia

Top 100 MapleStory Private Servers ranked by popularity in Australia

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Windia`Impact v83 Coming Soon -
Old School Nostalgic with a twist with v190 (Weapons and Equipments) (Taming Mounts) (Hair) (Face) (Mobs & Bosses)
V83 Free Cosmetics Challenging Fun Hard Nostalgic Low Rate
MAPLE IMPACT [V62] Ultimate 30x
New Server - New Source - Exp Rate: 30x - Level Cap: 255 Custom Powerfull
UnknownSEA - One & Only
MapleSEA v1.12.4 • 8x/6x/2x • Competitive Gameplay • Adventurer/KOC/Aran/Dual Blade/Evan/UA/Resistance • Professions • Guild/Family/Alliance • Marriages • Guild Quest/Party Quest/Boss Party Quest • All Working Bosses incl: Cygnus/Von Leon/Pink Bean/Scarlion/Targa/Zakum/Horntail/Chaos...
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