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Wardrome is a strategic-management game, that takes place in the space. This description may be very common along many browser games... But Wardrome surely is the best of them. Gameplay The strenght of Wardrome resides in 4 main features: - Energy System - Game\'s complexity - Roleplay - Combat System One of the best thing about Wardrome is that in order to be the best, you don\'t have to spend 24 hours a day playing it. The gameplay is regulated by a \"Energy System\". Every action in this game requires a certain amount of energy, and the energy \"tank\" refills itself over time. The tank is huge, and this means that when you have to go out with your friends, or just want to go to sleep, you can just use all the energy you have and then log out from the game, and you will have approximately 16 hours before the tank is full agian. The game\'s possible actions are so many that in order the be the best, you will have to spend your energy very accurately, and the game is so deep and complex that you will probably not care about the rankings at all, and play it just for fun. planets creation, commerce, exploration, fleet development and customization, resarch, minerals extraction, industry, fighting other players and much more. There are so many things you can do in this game that you will never be asking yourself: \"What can I do now?\". Each player can choose to intraprend 8 different careers, each with its own ships, its own features and its own purposes. - Bounty Hunter: the career ships are fitted with a Outlaw locator radar, that can be boosted trough ship modules and crew training. This is used to hunt Pirates down, in order to collect the bounty placed on their head. - Pirate: Outlaw only career. Its ships are fitted with a Black Markets locator, and other modules that boost their \"sneaking\" skills and allow Spaceports robbing. It recieves much more credits that the other careers from raiding other ships. - Military: capable of patrolling Spaceports to collect money. The Military\'s arsenal also includes better missiles, and its ships are more fighting oriented than the other careers. - Colonizer: very proficient in creating and selling planets. Planets created will be a lot bigger, and the Colonizer is the only one that can directly transfer them. Its ships are also able to create food by just having settlers in their cargo holds. - Industrial: Its ships have larger cargo holds than most of the other careers, and can house settlers in order to create electronic components or fighters. - Merchant: career ships fitted with a Spaceports locator, and have the largest cargo holds. The most advanced ships also have a special module that decreases the Energy used in material transport very significantly. - Miner: Its ships have the highest mineral extraction ratios, and also have various modules used to generate resources in the stellar systems. - Scientist: The best antimatter extraction ratio, best Tecnology unit production and antimatter alimented weapons are the trademarks of the Scientist career. There also are 4 special racial careers that can be obtained by finding them in some rare asteroids scattered along the universe. The only way to obtain another career\'s ships (there are more than 100 different ships bound to owned) is capturing it from another player. In Wardrome, wars can be fought for 4 different motives: having fun, needing other careers\' ships, personal defence and roleplay reasons. Roleplay is another very important feature of Wardrome Thanks to the many public communication channels, and in order to use them, you will have to fully interpret your character, speaking as the space commander you are interpreting would. The universe is also governed by a human players formed Government, that decides the laws that are applied to the other players except the outlaws, that become so by breaking these rules. The roleplay element gives to the game a wide variety, adding to the possible things that a player can do. You can choose to be polite, or extremely rude. You can be righteous, or declare war on other commanders for futile reasons, you can be a nice senator, or form a team of corrupt senators in order to create awful laws. Whatever you will be, you will have a lot of fun communicating with the other players. But the best feature of Wardrome is, without any doubts, the Combat System. In most of the brower games, attacking another player means sending X units to a Y location, the units obviously need time to arrive at the location, and that is displayed on a timer. When it expires, who has more wins. In Wardrome it is completely different. You have to pilot your fleet manually trough the various stellar systems, you have to find your enemy, and then attack it in real time, choosing the right strategy, using the right ships, and using the right missiles and bomb at your display. Once two enemy fleets are on in front of the other, attacks are dealt instantly. Each player can own a maximum of 200 spaceships, and this means that you can\'t win by outnumbering your enemy. Choosing the right things to do need a lot of experience and concentration, but is also extremely addicting. Longevity There is not a main objective in the game. You can just do whatever you want. Exploring the entire universe, in order to find resources, spaceports, planets, other players, asteroids, etc. requires a couple of years, assuming you won\'t do anything else in the meanwhile. Ship customization and improvement involves crew training. Creating a ship capable of destroying alone a entire fleet is possible, but it will need months (if not years) of crew training, modules manufacturing and asteroid hunting. Gaining wealth also requires a lot of time. Planets need time to reach max population, and you will need time to find good locations to colonize, to bring settlers there, and to build the various structures needed for collecting taxes and/or gathering resources. There is no limit to the number of planets you can have. The more you have, the wealthier you will be. There also is a Artificial Intelligence governed player, known as “Kron Aliens”. Hunting them in order to capture their rare ships is another nice feature that will keep you in front of the screen. The game is in continue development, as the game\'s storyline goes on, new ships are added, new modules are aviable, and new features are unlocked. You can never know what is going to happen. Other than those player setted objectives, the game administrators often start quests that involve the entire universe population. Each quest is different from the previous. Every quest will be important for the game\'s storyline, will have different goals and will offer unique rewards. In definition, you will hardly get bored of Wardrome. Technical Details The game\'s interface is very well cured. It requires some time to understand it, but once you\'ve mastered it, it is very easy and intuitive to use. The menu\'s options are not organized in shopping list like windows, but in sensated and well designed buttons. The game pages autorefresh themselves, meaning that you will be able to see whenever another fleet passes by the system you are currently in, giving you the chanche to hit it before it moves away. In order to keep the game as fast as possible, graphics had to not be very developed, but you will still find it very cured, mostly for ship design: every ship has its own model. There also is a premium feature: you will be able to buy “premium days” in order to unlock some handy features, like tax withdrawal from all planets, shield recharge for all planets, scrolling between various ships\' crew training pages, and sort. Premium Days are very cheap compared to other games premium features, and you can still be able to play without them without any problem. Conclusion There is still a lot of stuff I could speak about, but I think it is better for you to discover it yourselves. Wardrome is definitely worth a try. Once you understand its mechanics, you will never stop playing it.

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