Star Wars Combine


The [b]Star Wars Combine[/b] is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing simulation game based on the Star Wars Universe. Some of the main features include:[br] •Create Star Wars character, choose race, skills, background. •Assign skill levels from 5 different areas. •Join the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and enter the Galactic Civil War, or pursue a career in the backdrop in more than fifty other groups as a simple merchant, smuggler, pirate, pilot ... the possibilities are endless! •Have a chance to be Force sensitive and become a soldier of the light or a lord of the dark! •Buy and sell spaceships, space stations, vehicles, facilities, items, and weapons with other living players. •Explore a vast galaxy of over 4,000 life-filled planets and visit the elegant cities of well-known localities like Corellia, Tatooine, Naboo and more, using a unique real-time movement system for ground travel, air travel, sublight and hyperspace travel. •Use the graphical interface to move across the planet, moon, spaceship or space station you are currently on and watch as your ship enters a planet\'s atmosphere. •Prospect planets and mine their raw materials. •Build your favourite ships, vehicles, space stations, droids, items and weapons ... or recycle their wrecks into new raw materials. •Post on the classified ads offering your services for all to see. •Be a part of a vast community of over 3,500 members strong, visiting the message centre, helping to shape the progress of the Star Wars Combine with suggestions, role playing your character with others in many unique scenarios, or visiting the chatrooms for general chit-chat with other members. •Personalize the Darkness Interface with a \"skin\" of your choice! •Get a free, web-based holo-mail address to talk to your fellow combine members or anyone else on the internet. •With many more upcoming features such as combat, research and development and creatures! •Play the game, no matter whether you\'re on a Windows, Macintosh or Linux/Unix computer.

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