Immortal Day - Vampire Roleplaying Game


Getting started on Immortal Day is simple and easy to do. Pick a Species Vampire, Lycan, Hybrid, Hunter or Zombie Hybrid and its gender and you’re set! The first place to go is Prowling. Prowling gives you free money, gold, stats and items. If you’re lucky it can also give you services and perks like, extra donator days, premier role playing days, free Hellhound protection and extra chances to perform your service. You get 50 of these to do every day and you can boost that to 75 if you have those coveted donator days. Not a bad way to start the day and have a little stalking around money.

Prowling isn’t the only place you get freebies. Consulting the Tarot every day gives you other valuables like Venoms, Potions, Freedom and Healing items. This is a fighting game, so it’s a good idea to keep those Healing items in stock for those inevitable trips to Recovery. You get to consult the Tarot 25 times daily and with those donator days you get an extra 10 cards that may yield you these helpful items.

After getting your freebies from the Prowl and Tarot, voting for Immortal Day is a great way to get your hands on some gold. You can earn up to 90 gold per day just by clicking on a couple links and voting for this awesome vampire game! Gold is a high ticket commodity that can be used to boost your IQ, hire hellhound protection, purchase items and refill your Energy when you’re full. This is super important since you need energy for training and training is something you want to do a lot of in this fighting game. You need to be strong to attack and defend against other immortals trying to claw their way up the ranks just like you. Attacking is one of the best ways to get experience and advance your character to unlock new and exciting game features!

Immortal Day is a fast paced MMORPG that focuses on warring and role play with some unique and inventive challenges to spice up your game play. Paying attention to the Moon Phases and Sun Position of the day is especially important! Each species is assigned a time period where they can use the Moon and Sun to their advantage to get perks such as more successful feedings, quicker assignment resets and discounts on in game services. They can also provide challenges to navigate, so developing your cunning to maximize the advantages and minimize the pitfalls flexes your muscles as you become a skilled Immortal Day player.

If you are ever feeling lost on what to do, Immortal Day provides a host of tutorial features along with access to a Direct Help system that gives you tailor made responses to your specific questions! There is an abundance of support on this amazing game where you are sure to be hooked after your first feeding on the City Grid!

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