FutureRP - Futuristic MMORPG


FutureRP is a game based on exploration, combat, and guild rivalry. The aim of the game is to make your character the strongest, richest, and most accomplished of them all! Players gain experience from successful attacks, completed quests, raids performed with their guild, and much more. An ever-growing number of rich and diverse environments are at their disposal, to explore and pillage. Each place is home to unique and deadly monsters to steal treasure from, vendors selling items, and numerous quests to embark upon! The goals are to gain enough experience to reach the leader board; to unlock the best skills; to join the most powerful guild; to possess the rarest and most deadly weapons; and to gain a degree of notoriety amongst your fellow players! FutureRP is fortunate to have been endowed with such a helpful and loyal community, which interacts via an internal chat room, forums, and a private messaging system. New players are never short of guidance and support.

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