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Location Greece
Posted By Lampros Kolivas


Exp : x9000 Adena : x9000 SP : x9000 Safe Enchant : +5 (normal scroll) Max Enchant : +12 (blessed scroll) 80% Max Enchant : +20 (crystal scroll) 100% Full working unique PvP System Events running 24/7 Vote Reward System (10 Vote Items per vote) Raid Boss Info NPC (Shows status and re-spawn time) GM Shop (A/S/Apella)Full Buffer (Mage , Fighter Light , Fighter Heavy) Gatekeeper ( Raid Boss Teleport / Farm Zone / Teleport / Main Towns ) Skill Enchanter Augmenter "L2Virtuality Coin" can be used to purchase items Festival Adena can be used to purchase Apella Armor Castle Sieges every week (Giran,Rune,Goddard,Aden) Olympiad period is one week Top-Lifestone : 25% High-Lifestone : 20% Mid-Lifestone : 15% Ranking NPC (PvP,PK,Online,Clans)Clan Reputation gives you 3k points.auto command for auto potion settings .menu for character settings .online shows total online players .changepassword can be used to change your account passwordShift + Click on mobs let you see the drop list Event Drop is 1 event medal per kill and 25 for the winner When you kill barakiel you get instant noblesse status VIP Characters get x2 drops PvP/Pk Color System Clan Leaders with 8 clan level have colorized name

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