Lineage II High Five Part 5 - Pantheon x1200


Dear friends! We invite you to take part in a game where the most powerful Greek gods rule: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon! Opening of OBT 25.01.2020 (20: 00 Moscow time) Opening the server 01.02.2020 (18: 00 MSK) You will find a large-scale, diverse and devilishly large mod Pantheon, about the ancient Greek gods, who once again got angry at humanity and began to harm it in every way, gradually bringing it to an open conflict. It is you who must resist the super-powerful hysteria of the gods! Chronicles: High Five P5 with Modam Pantheon Rates: EXP / SP x10, Drop x20, Spoil x7, Adena x20, Raid Boss x10, Quest x10, Epolets x10, manor x10. Multiprof! The best players will get the hero's aura and hero chat! On the server there are a large number of costumes and outfits! Pantheon new story story! At the start of the character: Lion's bracelet on [24 hours]. Know-Grade Equipment. Pantheon Runa [5 hours]. Rune Exp + 50% [5 hours]. Rune SP + 50% [5 hours]. Cloak of Werpes [24 hours]. Box with equipment D Grade 7 Days. Box with equipment C Grade 7 Days. Box with equipment S Grade 7 Days. We are waiting for you to open the server !!!

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