Lineage 2 OG



Welcome to Lineage 2 OG Lineage2 OG is an Interlude/H5 based private server, that tries to bring back the balanced game play and feeling that the 6th chronicle offered back in the day. We have chosen a low rate format, which will allow you to enjoy all the stages of the game and replace the sense of entitlement with one of fulfillment. You will remember to appreciate crafting, B-grade, Mammon, striders and all the things that were left behind by the current iterations of Lineage2. Rates and features: Rates: Experience: 5x Skill points: 5x Adena rate: 5x Drop rate: 5x Enchant Safe enchant: +6 Enchant Max. enchant: infinite Enchant Blessed enchant = 90% success Rewards Rewards for castle siege winners Events Periodical TvT event Events Periodical custom GM events System Olympiad 100% System Castle Siege 100% System Seven Signs 100% System Duel System 100% System Nobless 100% System Subclass 100% System Premium geodata System Class quests 100% We await your arrival on a non-custom server created from the pure love of the game!

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