L2Name - High Five x100



Relax x100 - it's a server with items in GM-SHOP by adena. Test server is already available! Start 2018.12.08 at 17:00 Moscow Time (05:00 pm). PvP-Craft x100 - it's the server with craft rare Elegia and rare Vorpal. GM-Shop equipment include Vesper. Increase chance for craft, that will have a huge interest in the game not just pvp professions, but also the dwarfs. The maximum limit of number in the clan - 15 people + a ban on the adoption of the Alliance that allows each pack to develop your clan and prove himself. Cost for Clan Reputation and LvL Up of clans are reduced in Alt+B. Every pack may be engaged their development, you don't need find academics. Stats of Grand Epics are reduced. Their farm available for 1 party. And absolutely fair game with no bots and software, which first will operate automatically lock. We guarantee you a successful start, the big online and stable work, and it's not just words, you can see for yourself very soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHMkfjdwN8U

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