L2Mumij - Interlude x100



Chronicles: Interlude Craft PVP Server XP scores: x100, SP: x100, Drop Adena: x1, Drop Items: x15, Spoil: x7, Quest: x5, Raid x2. * Starting the game in the dione 10 level with 1000k adena in the Top-NG network * Professional technical support of players. * Best implementation of Interlude chronicles. * The system of binding the account to the computer. * Shift + Click - allows you to view the characteristics of mobs, drop, spoil, etc. * Unique panel ALT + B. * Unique auction in the game. * Convenient GM-shop up to B grade * NPC Buffer. * Implemented recipes x100. * Automatic learning of all skills * Maximum sharpening on the Olympus +6. Things sharpened above have sharpening +6. * Guarantee without wipe to the last player.

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