GAME FEATURES: BOT is allowed Unique sharpening system Weight limit increased 10 times Buffer with profiles Buffs for 24 hours. The number of slots in the inventory - 140/160 The number of slots in the recipe book is 80/80 Number of subclasses - 5 Unique events Mana Potion restores 5,000 mana. For PvP you can get Bonus Coin Autolut from the start Global chat from level 20 Siege of castles and the purchase of clan halls is available from level 5 of the clan. The Siege of Forts is available from clan level 5. Announcement of the appearance of Noble and Epic RB - 30 min. until resp Annons about the spawn of all RB Auto-learning skills to level 50 after per book and Sp Purchase / sale slots increased by 2 times Buff slots - 28 + 4 Divine Inspiration Offline trading / crafting for Adena Sharpening, Books, LS and Divine Inspiration / unstuck - 15 sec Coin of Luck can get game way! More information: http://l2it.ru/

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