L2 Green World



GRAND OPENING 10.3.2017 19:00 GMT+1 BETA TEST server 5.3.2017 19:00 GMT+1 SERVER INFORMATION Server Rates EXP: 20x SP: 20x Adena: 20x Drop Items Mobs: 10x Drop Items GrandBoss: 1x Spoil Chance: 10x Enchant Safe: +4 Enchant chance Normal +4 to +16: 50% Enchant chance Blessed +4 to +16: 60% Settings for the Olympiads Heroes will be chosen every 14 days 1. and 15. day in month! Olympiad enchant limit: +6 Class Free - Minimum number of registered: 8 3 vs 3 - Minimum number of registered teams: 8 Class vs Class - Minimum number of registered: 10 Grandboss respawn time Valakas respawn time: 5 days and random 2 hours Antharas respawn time: 5 days and random 2 hours Baium respawn time: 5 days and random 2 hours Instances in game: Zaken, Frintezza, Freya Normal, Freya Hard, Tiat, Baylor Buffs: Max Buffs: 24 + 4 Max Dances/Songs: 12 Buffs time: 2 hours Automatic events: Capture the Flag Death Match Domination Korean Style Hunt Ground Last Man Mass Dominion Team vs Team Other server setting: ALT+B Community Board CS and TW every week Hero period is every 14 days Player Buff Shop with enchant buffs Grand Boss PvP Zones Scheme Buffer Global Gate Keeper GM Shop S-grade Auto learn skills Special Shop Vitality system My Teleports Subclass max. 3x Subclass max. level 85 Announcement Raid Boss spawn Nobless Quest - GM Shop Clan Items - GM Shop Blacksmith Mammon in Giran Merchant of Mammon in Giran Auto Class Master Freya Instance without Quest Manually-reward vote system .getreward Auto-reward vote system for all online players

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