Ace-War INTERLUDE x1200


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Location Russian Federation
Posted By Zaver Zaverr


Description and server rates! - Rates Exp x1200, SP x1200, Adena x80, Drop x40, Spoil x40, Quest x20, Raid x10, QR x2 - x4. - At the start of all the characters in the TOP NG. - Full Buffer with profiles. - GM shop up to S grade, in the presence of all the necessary consumables. - Professions have a cat for adena. - TvT, DM events with valuable prizes. - Infinite nipples and arrows. - 36 buff slots, all buffs lasting 2 hours. - Mobs champions with special currency drop. - Offline trade and craft. - Removed weight limit in inventory. - Weekly siege. - The period of the Olympiad is 2 weeks. - The maximum sharpening at the Olympiad is +6. - A shortened quest for Noblesse. - Resp-noble RB 2-3 hours. - Respubli RB 14-16 hours. - Character customization menu .menu

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