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LA2DREAM.COM INTERNATIONAL LINEAGE 2 C6 CRAFT-PvP x50 - There you can see all information about unique world of lineage 2 Interlude x50
Interlude - THE BEST SERVERS L2OFF 100% The BEST PVP x50. New x20 PRO server opened 06 Nov 2011. Classic X10. 3000+ online. NOT JAVA. All features are working 100%
L2 Equanimity High Five
High Five - XP/SP x120 - Adena x250 - TvT, CTF, RB, DM, DMS, CTP, KOTH Events - New Player Bonuses/Protection - Vote Reward System - Rebirth System - ...
High Five
Lineage 2 Amerika [High Five] 1000x 1000x 1000x - Safe +6 Max +25 - Scroll 66% Blessed 80% Divine 100% - 3Hour Buffs - 20 Automatic Events - Balanced Classes - Skills R...
L2Chimera Interlude PvP X1000
Server rates : x1000 exp/sp/adena. Events Every Hour. New Hero\'s Every Week. Custom Npc/Mobs. Custom Drops. Custom Areas. PvP/Farm Areas. Vote Reward...
Interlude PvP x1000

Linage 2 Private Servers 6-19

MEMORIUM Hello Czech low rate server RATE: EXP:15 SP:15 Adena:30 Items:15 Spoil:20 class master in giran custom shop : SS and bsps, potions etc.. Champions act...
L2Maximus. New Lineage II High Five 5 Server. Rates X5 x5 x6 x7 In The Giran town centre you will find the achievement manager who will give you rewar...
High Five
.:::::Rates:::::. Experiencia (XP) - 1000x Skill Points (SP) - 1000x Adena (AD) - 1000x .:::::Enchants:::::. Safe Enchant: +5 Max Enchant Joias/Armor...
Interlude Craft-PvP
Lineage 2 Classic x10
Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - More than five yea...
classic SercetofEmpire C4 High Five Interlude PTS Craft-PvP fun
L2Idle Botting Allowed
[High Five 100%]. The original botting community is back, enjoy a classical High Five experience with no restrictions.
High Five PvP Craft-PvP PvE
FIRST Classic MultiProff
Lineage II Secret of Empire FIRST Classic 2.9 MultiProff Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the...
C4 Interlude MultiProff SercetofEmpire classic MultiProff PvP Multiskill PTS Custom
LinWorld High Five with Additions
Server Complex Lineage 2 High Five. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - Online Support 2...
The Kamael Gracia Freya High Five Hellbound x50 Craft-PvP fun PvP
Lineage II High Five Part 5 - Pantheon x1200
Dear friends! We invite you to take part in a game where the most powerful Greek gods rule: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon! Opening of OBT 25.01.2020 (20: ...
High Five Craft-PvP PvP
L2 Scarlet Freya 15x
Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x long-term server. New Areas / Events / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction / Seed of Annihilation / Freya Raid / Castle...
Freya PvP Craft-PvP PvE
L2White Fafurion
Server Complex Lineage 2 Fafurion. Here\'s why it\'s worth playing on our server: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! -...
Grand Crusade GK Goddess of Destruction Fafurion PTS x50 x1000 x777 PvP
Interlude x15 Custom Craft-PvP
• High online, players from different countries. • The strongest clans and const party. • PvP battles 24/7 and hot Olympiad!
High Five x1000 fun PvP
L2 Hazard
Lineage 2 High Five server 20x rates, Balanced Server, Olympiad, Castle Sieges, Easy Farming. ALWAYS ONLINE. Updates every week. Join Us
High Five PvP 20x
L2Cryptonite x75
L2Cryptonite Informations Rates: xp 75x / sp 75x adena 2.8x Server: Full C6 Server with some custom modifications. Safe enchant +3 & Max enchant is w...
PvP fun Custom
Lineage II Arcana
Lineage II Interlude Free Server
Server Complex Lineage 2 Interlude. Here\'s why it\'s worth playing on our server: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! -...
Interlude C4 classic PvP Craft-PvP x50 PvE x3. x999
GoD and H5 hybrid German Lineage 2 PvE/RP freeshard, with a good staff and a very nice and big community. Fast support, 4th CCQ, up to 20 characters a...
High Five
????? ??????? High Five x100 ???????? ?? 03.08.2019 ? 17:00 ?? ??? New server Lineage 2 High Five x100 on 3th August
High Five PvP fun x1000 Craft-PvP x50
- RateXp = 1000. - RatePartyXp = 1.5 - RateDropAdena = 2000. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +4 (on all) - Max Enchant: +25 - Normal Scrolls:...
Classic-Euro 50x
Lineage2 CLassic 2.9 50x Server 11.10.2019 19:00 Classic 2.9 x50 Secret of Empire Website: EN Patch: https://forum.class...
pvp server
Interlude PvP
Unique pvp and game experience,come and join us,meany events and custom,expect 500++ online,safe 20 max 40 50 xp custom armor wings and weapon
High Five PvP fun
L2Vanir - Your Lineage 2 server New Freya server [Exp/Sp/Drop/Adena: x10] [Max Enchant: +16] [1h Buffs] [NPC Buffer] [TvT] [Weddings] [Class Master] [Retail Skill Learning] [No custo...
L2 Outline
Servidor novo e balanceado !
Lineage2Heaven -Custom Weapons -Custom Armors - Custom Jewels -Custom Accessories - Custom Cloak - Raid Bosses -Castle Sieges - Full PvP
Lineage 2 Phoenix 250x
Information L2Phoenix The server is a totally Free, emulated on a base L2Jsurinse. Our emulation program provides perfect playing environment (Lineage...
High Five x250
L2MAD [CUSTOM] Interlude PvP x100000 - JUST TRY
Custom PvP Interlude x100000, Real Online 1500+ | Best Anti Bot Protection | Just Try, Join Now!
Lineage 2 Scarlet
Lineage 2 Scarlet High Five (H5) server. XP Rate 20X / SP Rate: 20X / Max Enchant Rate +20 / Safe Enchant Rate +4 / Shop and Special Shops / Global Ga...
High Five
New international project of classic c6 version Lineage II Created by pro-gamers special for our players. We have not custom items and other handmade ...
Interlude PvP x1200 Craft-PvP x50 x33 Low Rate PvE exclusive
PvhGames Online
L2PVH H5 PvhGames Online Embarque nessa aventura. Seus jogos preferidos em um s
High Five
L2 Stars High Five 20x Lineage II High Five server 20x
Crave Lineage 2
We exist too fuel your Lineage 2 Crave!
High Five
L2Nora x50 Mid High Five
eneral Rates and Features EXP x50 SP x25 Adena x15 Seal Stone x5 Drop chance x15 Spoil chance x15 Epaulettes ?5 Manor x1 Fame x1 RB Exp/Sp x7 RB drop ...
High Five x50
Lineage 2 Memories
Epilogue server made out of passion, as close to retail as possible while adding some features to make the life easier (GM shop for some items, mana, ...
Gracia Low Rate
L2Custom Custom server with custom items dynasty/apella/vesper/l2gold weapons/custom masks/forever weapons and etc. Game start from 80lvl so you dont need to l...
SERVER RATES Rate Xp/Sp = 100 Rate Party Xp/Sp = 1.2 Rate Drop Adena = 30 Rate Drop/Spoil Items = 200 Rate Drop Seal St Rate Drop Quest = 20 Rate Ques...
Interlude Craft-PvP
La2Pandorum - Interlude Unique x5
The Universe La2Pandorum is built on the principle of opposing factions. But! Everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. It\'s...
On 06.02.2016 at 19:00 GMT+2 L2 Hybrid will a Opens second Rate: x1000 PVP Server! Join us with your friend!
Infinity-War Fafurion
Server Complex Lineage 2 Fafurion. Here\'s why it\'s worth playing on our server: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! -...
Goddess of Destruction Fafurion x500 x999 Craft-PvP x1200 x1000 x777 fun PvP
L2Mumij - Interlude x100
Chronicles: Interlude Craft PVP Server XP scores: x100, SP: x100, Drop Adena: x1, Drop Items: x15, Spoil: x7, Quest: x5, Raid x2. * Starting the game ...
Interlude Craft-PvP
Comuniada Lastlegion Hi5 Server x10 custom item, skill goddess. max lvl 101, new areas and much more .... Buffer 2 hours, etc ....and Interlude x7 retail...
Elite Server Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x
Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x Crafther Grade S Drops em Hot Springs