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Lineage 2 OG
Welcome to Lineage 2 OG Lineage2 OG is an Interlude/H5 based private server, that tries to bring back the balanced game play and feeling that the 6th...
High Five PvE Low Rate fun PvP
EGN Lineage II
- Free to play - *No Donations!* - Botting Allowed - Click Here to download free cracked L2Adrenaline. - Unlimited game accounts - 25x EXP/SP/Drops/Se...
Gracia PvE PTS fun PvP
L2 Scarlet Freya 15x
Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x long-term server. New Areas / Events / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction / Seed of Annihilation / Freya Raid / Castle...
Freya PvP Craft-PvP PvE
New server Lineage 2 Classic Sercet of Empire
Interlude C4 SercetofEmpire classic PvP fun Craft-PvP x50 PTS
• High online, players from different countries. • The strongest clans and const party. • PvP battles 24/7 and hot Olympiad!
High Five x500 fun PvP

Linage 2 Private Servers 6-19

L2Idle Botting Allowed
Botting Allowed! [High Five 100%]. A server with retail gameplay with some twists, buff times increased, a convenient shop to make your journey a easi...
High Five PvP
» EXP x50 » SP x50 « » Drop x15 « » Spoil x15 « » Adena x20 « » Safe enchant +4 « » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+12) « » ...
High Five PvP fun
L2 multiskill
High Five Multiskill & Multicraft server will be opened at 23/07/18
High Five Multiskill PvP
L2 Scarlet Legendary 20x Gracia Final
Chronicle: Lineage 2 Gracia Final. EXP/SP: 20x / Party EXP/SP: 2x / Drop: 10x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x / Seed of Destruction / TvT Event / Hide Seek ...
Freya Gracia PvE 20x PvP Craft-PvP
L2BrArg 1000x
Safe 7 Maxi 20 Scroll 60 Bless 80 crystal 100 No custom todos os itens conseguidos em Game, Priorisamos Todo Os Players PvP 1000x
Interlude PvP
Lineage II High Five Part 5 - Pantheon x10
Start of the Lineage 2 Pantheon Craft x10 server will take place on June 29 at 18:00 Moscow time! Opening of the MBT June 17, 20:00 Moscow time! Chro...
High Five Craft-PvP PvP
Line][age BlackBird
Magyar Mid x45 - Server - Special Shop, NPC buffer, Custom system, Events, Offline Shop, GGK, Free to Play
Gracia PvP fun Craft-PvP x50
l2RaidFun PvP
? # Normal Rates - ? # ------------------------ ? RateXp = 500.00 ? RateSp = 500.00 ? RatePartyXp = 2.00 ? RatePartySp = 2.00 ? RateDropAdena = 1200.0...
PvP Custom
Lineage 2 Veil
Gracia Final Pride Style Server.
Gracia PvE PvP Custom
Interlude PvP
L2Zariche Custom PvP
?? L2Zariche Interlude PvP ?? ???? Grand Opening 25 May 2019 @ 18:00 GMT +1 London / 20:00 GMT +3 Athens ? Enchant: Safe +6 / Max +20 ? Super Haste / ...
Lineage 2 Sky, MID Interlude- CraftPvP type server x75
elcome to Lineage 2 Sky, MID Interlude- CraftPvP type server x75. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, lagless, enjoyable as well as close-to-ret...
Interlude PvP fun Craft-PvP Custom
New server Lineage 2 high five
Hellbound High Five Freya Gracia The Kamael PvP fun Craft-PvP x50
L2 Hydra No Custom PvP
L2 Hydra PvP Interlude No custom Safe +7 max +20 Classes balanceadas Full PVP Serve Online agora.. Sem erros e Bugs
Interlude PvP
New server Lineage 2 x777 Infinite Odyssey on 6th July 2019 GMT+02
Goddess of Destruction PvP fun x777 x1000 x1200 Craft-PvP x999 x500