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Interlude Exp/Sp x5 Party Exp/Sp x7.5. Adena x10 Drop x1.5 Spoil x2 Buff Time 40 min. Npc Buffer Main Towns, Bc Bang Point System, Craft System, Quest...
Interlude fun Low Rate Custom exclusive
Lineage 2 OG
Welcome to Lineage 2 OG Lineage2 OG is an Interlude/H5 based private server, that tries to bring back the balanced game play and feeling that the 6th...
High Five PvE Low Rate fun PvP
New international project of classic c6 version Lineage II Created by pro-gamers special for our players. We have not custom items and other handmade ...
Interlude PvP x1200 Craft-PvP x50 x33 Low Rate PvE exclusive
GAME FEATURES: BOT is allowed Unique sharpening system Weight limit increased 10 times Buffer with profiles Buffs for 24 hours. The number of slots in...
Interlude x3. Low Rate
L2Dash - High Five PTS x3
Building the server - AdvExt64 High Five Part 5 Private Chronicles - High Five Part 5 (PTS) Opening of the server - February 16 at 17.00 (GMT + 3) Sta...
High Five Low Rate x3.