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L2Venture - Other Then All
We have created a server where every player will find a lot of new things. Various combinations to buy weapons, armors and many other things. The serv...
High Five PvP Low Rate exclusive
Classic Old-School
Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - More than five yea...
classic SercetofEmpire C4 Interlude Low Rate PTS Craft-PvP PvP
New international project of classic c6 version Lineage II Created by pro-gamers special for our players. We have not custom items and other handmade ...
Interlude PvP x1200 Craft-PvP x50 x33 Low Rate PvE exclusive
New L2Majesty team project - after 1 year standby we came to you with L2 Rarity Interlude low rate server - Quests boosted to x9 - customs to ease gam...
Interlude fun Low Rate Custom exclusive
Lineage 2 Memories
Epilogue server made out of passion, as close to retail as possible while adding some features to make the life easier (GM shop for some items, mana, ...
Gracia Low Rate

Linage 2 Private Servers 6-19

GAME FEATURES: BOT is allowed Unique sharpening system Weight limit increased 10 times Buffer with profiles Buffs for 24 hours. The number of slots in...
Interlude x1 Low Rate