Lineage 2 Private Servers in United Kingdom

Top 100 Lineage 2 Private Servers ranked by popularity in United Kingdom

LA2DREAM.COM INTERNATIONAL LINEAGE 2 C6 CRAFT-PvP x50 - There you can see all information about unique world of lineage 2 Interlude x50
[[[new]]] GODvsEViL MASS-PVP ONLiNE [[[[[[[[[[[[ OPEN TODAY ]]]]]]]]]]]]
7200+ REAL ONLINE! *Adena and experience for PVP *Mass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much more Guaranteed quality, long work without...
Retail Like L2J server BOTTING ALLOWED XP - 1 SP - 1 Adena - 1 Server still under development join us to make it better
High Five
KetraWars Interlude 20x HARDCORE
International server. Interlude 20x. The best server in the world! Go SUDA!