Starting Level 83 Master & All Skiller Play As Hungry Item Upgrade Limit Set to +8 Jewelry Upgrade Limit Is Preferred As +1 Mining and Fishing System Activated To recognize the PUS items and make a pleasant start to the game, short-term haze gifts have been sent to your letter. +8 middle class weapons, goblin fp set, and the so-called task jewelry are starting with the game In the beginning, you need scroller and premium pots as a gift You can get this scroll from the Scroll NPC in moradon Wing Concealment Available RANK'S FIRST 3 AWARD SYSTEM (KC) Awarded [FIRST 3] 100 Cash / 50 Cash / Offline Market system KROWAZ METHODS IN WARS ACTIVE Hepa Items Activated Kill QUest Tasks Enabled Dark Fragmenting System Enabled New Old Jewelry System has been Activated All information is available at forum.homekoempire.net

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