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Online since June 2008! Max lvl 85. Light farm/ pk server. Balanced classes and Items. EVENTS: Killing Race, BDW, CSW, Forgotten Temple, Spinning Wheel gambling, Daily free items, Ardream, Rental items, Achievement system. Friendly and active staff. Come and join us for your ultimate Knight Online ...
1298 Light Farm and PK Knight Online
Epic MyKO Farm/PK MYKO Server // Max Level 72, Beginner gear at start, Max upgrade +8 for armors/weapons and +0 for accessories, Balanced Classes, Fully balanced and functional PUS, Events & Quests, International Friendly Community, Great Support Join us now and you will not regret it!!
Light Farm and PK 1298 Knight Online Light Farm and PK MMORPG
KO MyKO Phoenix 72 CAP v1098
Farm/PK MYKO Server - Starting Level 1 - Max Level 72 - Starting Gear included - Max upgrade +8 for armors/weapons and +1 for accessories - Custom Quests - Custom Events - Balanced Classes - Balanced PUS - Friendly Community - Great Support. Join Us Now!
1298 Knight Online
Real Myko v1299 Medium Farm
Real Myko v1299 Best Myko Server Medium Exp/Farm. Daily Event Collection Race, Kill Gift, Bifrost, Juraid Mountain, Old Style Border Defence War, Snow War, Head Event, 1 vs 1 event
1298 Knight Online
PVPTR COM 1299 Pk Server Since 2007 Cz Ardream Working 7 24 Auto Events
Auto Register; Auto Events; 59 lvl Starts; 1 Exp =1 lvl Clean Client ( nothing viruses ) Ip: www.PvpTr.com Client Download Link: https://www.pvptr.com/?act=disclaimer
1298 Light Farm and PK
Knight Online Pvp indir Pk Server Ko-Cuce LogosWar
Turkiyenin en kalici ve en kalabalik Knight Online Pvp serveriyiz.Oto kayit aktiftir ama isteyen sitedende knight online kayit olabilir. 83 pk serveri cz olarak aktif ve bunun yaninda farm yapabilceginiz bir pvp serverdir. Ko Cuce forumundan Knight online indir ve sende bu pvpnin tadini almalisin da...
1900 1298 Light Farm and PK MMORPG Light Farm and PK Knight Online
MaxiKO MyKO Game New World GAYA - January 10th
With the combination of old and new styles, many activities are waiting for you in our game which achieves a quality infrastructure. These include BDW, Boss War, Chaos, Lastman Standing, Forgotten Temple, Juraid Mountain etc. as well as many other activities.
1298 Knight Online
Ko Cuce , Knight Online pvp server
Knight Online Pvp Platformunda Leader Konumda Olan Ardream Serverimiz www.Knight-59.Net \'i Ko Cuce Gibi Knight Online Pvp Server Tanıtım Platformunda Sıkca Görüyorsunuz. Size Destek itemsiz eşit 59/1 Kapanmıyan bir Knight pvp Sunuyoruz .Knight-59 Acıldıgı Günden beri Kapatmıyan , Sıfı...
1298 Knight Online
Global Myko 1098 Hard Farm
Most powerfull private server of world! Hard myko server.
1298 Knight Online