Powerplay Manager


The target of the PowerPlay Manager project is to create a collection of online sport manager games. The first sport - hockey - is already available for playing in the full version. The launch of the beta version of the second sport - soccer - is planned for the first half of 2010. After registration you can also join other sports you would like to play and discuss in our forums. [br] [br] [br][br]Powerplay Manager is an online game from Slovakia, currently available in 33 languages. The project was officially in March 2007 by the developers and start the registration process was launched in June 2007 with the first version of the account manager. The project is not created by a professional team, but the interest of the Internet community is large - there were more than 80 000 registered managers in September 2008.[br] [br] [br][br]It is a free game manager with the aim to release a collection of sports: football, Formula 1, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, biathlon, especially baseball and hockey[br] [br] [br][br]To play only one computer with internet connection and a browser of course. Like most other sports manager games like Hattrick managers have a team that should lead them to victory so that in the highest reaches divisions. These may be players in the transfer market buying, scouting for young talent, sponsors, etc. PowerPlay Manager also announced that the first biathlon would be introduced!

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