[b]MetaGamerScore[/b] tracks you achievements cross-platform. You can currently track: [b]Steam Achievements, PSN Trophies, Xbox Live Achievements, Wow Achievements, theHunter Achievements[/b] and [b]StarCraft II Achievements[/b].[br][br] [b]MetaGamerScore[/b] then lets you compare your achievements with your friends and the world. Score is calculated based on the difficulty of the achievement (measured by the fraction of people who have recieved the achievement).[br][br] Team up with your friends to form a Crew that compete against other Crews on the [b]Crew-top-list[/b], or go solo to show that you are the most accomplished gamer in [b]your country[/b] or perhaps [b]the world[/b]?

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