Diablo 2 Maxnet Server


MaxNet server runs on patch 1.13C -> Patch 1.13C details The Patch is 100% Blizzlike (not modified). Our address is: bnet.maxnet.ro or bnetd.maxnet.ro Server TimeZone: +2 BNet Gateway Editor Guide: Click on the yellow plus sign. In the new window, complete as in the image above After that, click on File -> Save to Registry. In game registration is closed. To register a new account visit the following link: http://gamez.maxnet.ro/register/ You must activate your account from the mail you used for registration Our servers support the following game versions: o Diablo 1 v1.09 o Starcraft v1.5.2 o BroodWar v1.5.2 o Warcraft II Battle.net (TM) Edition v2.05 o Diablo 2 LOD v1.13c o Warcraft III Reign Of Chaos v1.13 o Warcraft III Frozen Throne v1.13 Install Guide : ==================== Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction ==================== 1. You\'ll need to have patch 1.13C installed 2. Install Diablo 2 (single or multi - don\'t need full) 3. After you install Classic Diablo 2 (Install & Play Disks) install Expansion Set 5. After that, download patch 1.13C from the link below. Diablo 2 - 1.13C patch 6. You don\'t need to copy any more cracks. Just run the Diablo2.exe found on your desktop Usefull files: MAPHACK: 1.13C Maphack D2ME - Open Diablo2, then d2me.exe - under D2ME not Loaded, you should see something like 00079400 Diablo II. Select the game and click LOAD (bottom left) Sting Maphack 1.13C - If you have any questions regarding the cfg of this MH, post here and I\'ll try to answer LOADER: Diablo 2 - 1.13C Loader Diablo 2 Multi - 1.13C Loader Bnet Gateway Editor Diablo iii diablo diablo2 diablo3 gameplay pvp duels duel

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