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[Auto Farm] [Auto Pots] [Auto Skill] [ New Crafting] [Unique Features] Custom Build Interface /( has a unique with gold interface, sleek and neat / own own concept ) /Custom buttons for the new UI /Animated Login ( fully reconstructed with custom animations ) /Full Character view in Character Selection ( including weapons / no weird box / fully reconstructed and source based /Fishing System ( check videos below ) /Maze Runner ( Personal feature ) /Guild Buffs ( Comprehensive guild buffs with item requirements ) /Ai system ( Bot System / Auto attack ) /Auto Shout on Ai system /Title and Achievement system with stats ( revamped glowing titles ) /Pet with stats via ( propitem ) /Community buff ( unique community buff ) /Crafting System ( craft bloody weapons using stones and weapons ) /Wheel of Fortune ( revamped - needs a ticket to roll the wheel - fully reconstructed with 80+ random items to input - fully random ) /Land Mount System ( Crash free mount system with over a hundred mounts to choose from ) /Revamped Glow system + Auto Update ( reconstructed and added a req. - needs an aura stone to use this feature ) /Revamped Forsaken Tower with Time ( needs to apply to enter the forsaken tower ) /Lots of custom maps ( made by yours truly ) /Tons of custom models ( made by me ) /Thousands of custom fashion sets and weapons /Thousands of custom monsters /Thousands of custom pets and objects

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