Spirit FlyFF - [Launched Sep 7th, 2018] - Mid Rate





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Server Information
-x80 EXP
-Custom Penya & Drop Rate
-Max Lvl 155
-3rd Class
-v15 Interface
-Balanced classes 
*Classic old school flyff experience with amazing new features and modifications that will enhance our gaming experience.

Server Features

  • Anarchy System
  • Donate Items Ingame Farmable through Red Chips, Spirit Coins and Collectorfield Exchanges
  • Useful Collectorfield (Possible Exchanges in Upgrade Scrolls/Saisonal Fashion/Power Ups/ Statted Masks and Cloaks (Even Dragon King Masks/Cloaks!)
  • Item Wiki
  • Monster Wiki
  • Dungeon Wiki
  • Very good Class Balance
  • Reworked Dungeons
  • Reworked Skills
  • Reworked Sets
  • Reworked Weapons
  • Reawake without Reversions
  • World Teleporter
  • Pet Filter
  • Party Finder
  • Many Events
  • Active Staff Team
  • Guaranted Upgrade after a certain Amount of failed Attempts in Upgrading. (Means as example after 2x Failed from +2 to +3 you'll get a 100% Upgradechance on the 3rd Try)
  • Switchable Instance Tickets (Means you Spawn on the Point where you standing right now but on another Channel)
  • Automatically Leveling Pets (standing afk in Citys but Pets are also gain Experience from your Monster Kills)
  • Weapon Level System (Max Level 50)
  • ExpUpStop command
  • Party is Solo levelable

Guild Siege - Twice a Week

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