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We have a lot of QoL improvements and new features! The following screenshots are only a few new systems, join Ignite Flyff today and play with our awesome community!



Profession System
We offer a crafting system, in which you gather nodes from Madrigal and Dungeons as well as Recipes to craft valuable items.
We offer 6 jobs for Gathering and Crafting.


Party Dungeon Difficulties
Choose from 4 dungeon difficulty's to suit your strength. Higher difficulties offer better drops. Once you think you're ready, take on the next difficulty, beat the clock and claim your reward!


The battlegrounds are an endgame Colosseum-esque mini-game available to players level 130-135.
Inside you will be faced with four waves, which you and your party will be required to clear to successfully move on to the next round.


PvP Systems
The Free For All (PVP System) on Ignite runs on two week seasons and uses an ELO system to determine ranking. This system is similar to other ELO ranking systems you may find on DOTA, Starcraft, and League of Legends.


World Boss System
Players are urged to kill this bosses for exclusive rewards! This system aims to reward everyonewho participates. Depending on how much damage you deal you will be rewarded a box, open the box for your chance to obtain some great items (or some not so great) items!


Badge System

The Badge system is an option to which allows you to change your icon next to your name.

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