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We have a lot of QoL improvements and new features! The following screenshots are only a few new systems, join Ignite Flyff today and play with our awesome community!


Dungeon Revamps

We offer several solo and group dungeons with hidden gifts. You can choose if you want to play in heroic or normal mode. Heroic dungeons are not only harder to play, they also qualify you for the Dungeon Ladder, where you can win great prizes every week. Complete dungeons together with your guild to increase your guild level.


 Dungeon Ladder

To make the PvE aspect in FlyFF more competitive, we have listed a ranking for the 20 fastest successful heroic dungeon runs. The best of the best receive special rewards to increase the appeal of being the best. 



Madrigal leveling

Take a change of scenery when levelling to re-visit Darkon. Mobs are stronger than before and hit harder, but also offer more experience and penya. Spawns have been vastly improved, making levelling here dangerous but rewarding.



Nothing to do in FlyFF? We know that feeling and never want to let you get bored. Therefore we have added lots of unique achievements where you have to fulfill certain tasks to unlock them. Great rewards are waiting for you.


Unisex Armorparts

We've removed all gender requirements from equipment parts.
You don't have to wait for the right equipment gender drop anymore!
Female characters will see the female set icon and male characters the male one.
Of course the items will retain their look!


Improved upgrading

Upgrading can sometimes be very annoying and frustrating. That's why we thought it was time for change. From now on you don't have to add new items every 10 attempts and you can sit back and relax while your item is being upgraded. To the unlucky ones among you: After a certain number of attempts you will get a 100% chance of success.



New party loot distribution option: Roll

On the dungeon settings tab of the party window you can now select "Roll" for item distribution. When a rare piece of loot drops, a dialog window will pop up for all party members. The window shows an icon of the item that you can mouse over for the info, a 25 second timer and 3 options: Need, Greed and Pass.

Need: Players can only "Need" on items their class can use. If multiple players click need, the game rolls a dice (1-100.) The highest rolling player is given the item. If only 1 player clicks need then they are given the item and no dice roll is made. Need has priority over Greed.

Greed: greed works the same as need: if multiple players click greed then the highest dice roll wins; if only one person "Greeds" the item then they are given it without a dice roll.

Pass: if a player clicks pass then he will not receive the item. Players automatically "Pass" if no choice is selected in the 25 second time limit. If all players pass then the item is returned to the player who first picked it up.




Guild Donating Improvement

You can now automatically donate X% of your penya drops to your guild!
Just go to the Guild Contribution window and select the amount you want to donate.






Reworked Ringmaster Hero Skill

Since the Ringmaster Hero skill has been pretty useless, we decided to rework it.
It will apply all available Ringmaster buffs on the target or yourself.






Daily Quests

Daily quests are a set of repeatable quests that have players doing various small tasks around the world. Completing your daily quests helps to level up your guild.





Quality of Life OVER 9000!!!

Yes we are serious about QoL improvements. Here are just a few of them: Guildbank sorting, Guildbank search, Last seen in messenger, reworked guild permissions, stackable beads, improved guild messenger tab, party merging, highlighted awakes, easy channel switch, item linking in private chats and many many more that can't be all listed.

Supported ingame languages are English and French. You can change the language ingame or in the patcher.

Having many chat messages won't cause any FPS drops!

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