Humid FlyFF [V17 BETA Now Live]


Started 15th of September 2018.



RATES: 3000x EXP - 3000x DROP - 5000x PENYA

- V15 based server
- Wingmask System
- V17 Elemental system
- Teleport system
- Quick job changer
- Starter kits (M and F)
- Level Up rewards every 10 levels
- Guildlevel Colors
- Custom weapons and fashion
- Siege every 2 hours
- Most weapons and green sets in NPC
- Character name in window title
- No guild rejoin time
- Custom chat
- Gay/lesbian couple
- Items stackable to 9999x
- Professional and active staff for every timezone
- Friendly community

Join our discord and lets have fun together.


Kind regards,

The Humid FlyFF team.


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