Ghost FlyFF



Server started at October 2018.

Ghost FlyFF is a brand new oldschool v15 server built ourself 100% from the start. It has never existed before under any domain. Our goal is to make a community driven server with huge updates to gameplay experience and lots of content for both PvE and PvP. Ghost FlyFF is run by a professional team with high activity, every staff member having played FlyFF for over a decade.

Exp Rate : 5x | Drop Rate : Customized | Penya Rate : Customized


Our features include:

Guild siege Every Day, adjusted time for all regions
Party Finder
Model Change
Quick Job Change
Pet Filter
Guild Buffs
Right-Click Items to move them around
Level-Up Rewards
Guild Siege Red-Chip Shop
Power-Ups, fashion sets and donate items obtainable from bosses in game
New Custom Maps
Junk Drops Removed
Monster Spawns Increased
Collector Items Changed
Upgrade Rates Increased
Upgrade Speed Reduced
Well Balanced PvP & PvE
Daily In-Game Events
Classic Siege Arena with Optimization
Fast & Latest Specs Dedicated Server - No lags or Disconnects.


We are waiting to see you online! Join the community on Discord: For the latest Updates!

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