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Location Germany
Posted By Velox Development



Erendora is a new Lowrate Server with many Custom Systems like Profession System or our Item Drop System. 

We have make a stable Server for our Players and work every day for new Systems and Changes. 


  • Item Drop & Display System
  • [NEW] Extended Profession System v2.0
  • [NEW] Extended Teleport System
  • [NEW] Extended Petfilter
  • [NEW] Extended Party Finder
  • [NEW] Display Heal 
  • [NEW] Extended Optionswindow 
  • Model Change 
  • [NEW] Extended Item ToolTip
  • [NEW] 168 Slots Inventory with Sort Button
  • Guildcombat Level System
  • Extended Currency
  • Dail Roulette
  • Item Wiki
  • Passive Guildbuff System 
  • [NEW] Auto max Skill 
  • [NEW] No 3rd Job 
  • [NEW] Max Level 129 Hero
  • [NEW] Auto Loot Red Chips and Penya
  • [NEW] Fixed Item Link 
  • [NEW] Antiasing with new Option
  • [NEW] Awakening Window
  • [NEW] Inventory improvments 
  • [NEW] Battleground System 
  • [NEW] Lord Donate System 
  • [NEW] Pet Tamer Mistake System
  • [NEW] Item Reflect System 
  • [NEW] Network improvments

Join Now ! And see the new World of Erendora Flyff.


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