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Cricket Flyff
Cricket Flyff v15. * Brand new server. * Hamachi server. * Guild Siege server. - 99 lives to reduce boredom. * 50 max awake(30% HP, MP, ATK)
Fly For Sky
A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation shop, everyone is equal. Inventory Tabs. Max Level: 200. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Custom Skill Changes. Custom Worlds. Equipment Quality System - every item has 100+ variations. Glow Change Menu. Custom Quest...
Friendly Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Free To Win Inventory Tabs
Dragon Cross Lowrate Flyff Pserver
Als einziger Flyff Pserver seit 2011 haben wir echte Reit- und Flug Mounts, die sich nicht statisch durch die Gegend buggen, sondern richtig animiert wurden! Wir haben ein Auktionshaus, welches KEIN anderer Pserver besitzt, wir bieten das Tabbed Inv, 3D Custom Maps, Waffen und Monster, eine 4. Jobkl...
Lowrate Multilanguage V21 Real Fly Mounts Blackmarket Not Pay2win Vote Rewards Tabbed Inv 4th Job Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Guild Siege
Meteonyker FlyFF BETA
v16 Farm Server Low Rate No P2W Open Beta No Pay to Win Begginner Items V15 Frequent Updates Fresh Server Fun PvP Guild Siege
CyclopsFlyff is a low-rate server. V15 with V16-V21 Additions. User-Friendly. BUG FREE AND STABLE!! Client modifications for stability. Active developers.
Beginner Packages Active PK Friendly Guild Siege
iFlyff Online
Do you miss Playing Flyff Online? Join us now! Rate Exp: x10 Drop: x20 Penya: xCustom iFlyff is not offering fancy things in game infact we give the best gaming experience for you to make your gaming experience awsome. Some Features in game: Mount System - Guild Buffs - Setup your Hotkeys - Online G...
Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win No Custom Items Farm to Win Server GW Everyhour Lowrate Active PVP Begginner Items Friendly Custom PK Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V19 Friendly Guild Siege World Boss System Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Farming FFA Beginner Items Real Mounts PvP
DopeFlyff v20
[Server Rates :] [x25 EXP] [x25 DROP] [x25 PENYA] Informations will be added soon.
BastionFlyff Reforged [Closed]
Our Update is LIVE: All armors for free in the NPC Max awakenings in simple seconds additional items like cloaks expanded for free and instant use All consumables and food + pills for free No need to grind any PvE or PvP to get good item Start building your dream gear & character in a matter of mi...
V15 Siege Server Free Gear Free Max Awake Custom Fashion & Cosmetics Weekly Updates Hourly Siege PvP
ROOT ONLINE // LOW RATE / Perin System / [Colosseum] [Fashion Combine] [Max Level:200] [Glow Changer][Model Change] [Quick Teleport] Sunday Updates : Pet Filte // Party Finder // Awakening System // FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system // animals to ride [Exp: x100 / Drop: x200 / Penya: x300]. No Pay2Win, ...
V20 flyff Low Rate
Dies ist eine Beschreibung
Abyss Flyff
Launches at some point. come join us.
V19 Fresh Server Free Starting Gear Fun PvP Beginner Items FFA Farming Free To Win Mid Low Rate Friendly
Battle FlyFF v15 - Nostalgic Gameplay - Big Patch at 08 March 2019
[Launched Dec. 2018] Battle FlyFF is a low-rate farm Server, run by an experienced team, that will remind you of the good old FlyFF days. Frequent updates with new content provice for a constant gameplay. Furthermore we offer lots of custom features, a custom PK System and active Guild Sieges.
Custom Systems V15 Custom Content & Features Custom PK Custom Systems Vote Rewards Frequent Updates No P2W Farm & Fun PvP Farming Low Rate
Lambo FlyFF
•Full v19 with v20 contents•High Rate Server•No Donate Items•Farm to Win•And so on, new server -March 4, 2019•
V20 V19 Friendly Farm to Win Server No Pay to Win Beginner Friendly Farm Server High Rate Guild Siege
Kairos Flyff
Kairos Flyff - Get Ready to Fly (Private Server)
No P2W Kein Pay to Win
Forgotten Heroes
Our Rates are: EXP x90, DROP x15, PENYA x100 ! If you do a \'\'Hero Reborn\'\' you receive the following Rates: EXP x45, DROP x30, PENYA x125 ! We give our best the give you a GamePlay with Balanced Classes, The Max Level on Forgotten Heroes is currently 155 ! Here is a list of some Features of Forg...
Custom Systems All Versions Active Community No P2W Low Rate Mid Rate Guild Siege Farm Server Active PVP
BR FLYFF V20 - Novo Mundo
BR Flyff V20 Completo - Servidor com as Rates Exp : 100x, Drop : 100x, Penya : 100x - Servidor Livre de Lags, Staff Online 16H por dia - Mini Games, Servidor de Farm, Com vários Customs e vários Itens no NPC por FARM. - Servidor Brasileiro feito para você, Venha participar desta aventura. *Nos...
Server With Hamachi ( Server go Online Soon whitout Hamachi. Go and put Like :) Traseia Map Pet Filter Quick Job Changer Auto Perin Convert Middle rates Custom drops No negative awakening Premium itens in NPC Friendly s...
No P2W Lowrate Old School V15 Fun Friendly
Lord of Madrigal
Lord of Madrigal is a Battle Royal Game Mod based on the popular MMORPG FlyForFun. Join the game for the Open Beta !
Battle Royal PvP Fun
Soul Flyff v19
Soul Flyff- Is a Philipines Server V19 Friendly Gaming Staff Huntable End Armors and Weapons XP Rate9999x Drop Rate1x Penya Rate
HIGH RATES SERVER HP up to 100b Mount System Red chips drop event x5 For newbie reward Active Guild war Everyday Active Siege Everyday Active Secret Room Everyday All items are huntable Perin/RC/RP (NO DONATE ITEMS) Balanced Gameplay Global Flyff since 2016 Server Features? Rarity (x5 Lines) Aut...
High Rate Hybrid / High Rate Farming Server Farm to Win Server Active PVP V15 V19 V20 multilanguage Custom Models Über 1200 aktive Spieler Farm & Fun PvP FFA Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege High Rate
Castle of Heaven
Deutscher v19 Server
Heroes of Flyff
Website: Heroes of Flyff Features:
V15 Multilanguage
Battle FlyFF
BattleFlyFF - The best lowrate server is back soon!
V15 Active Discord Custom Systems Custom PK Old School Friendly Low Rate Beginner Items PvP Fun Fresh Server
Cursed Fantasy
Cursed Fantasy ist ein deutscher Fly For Fun Privat Server mit einer Exp Rate von 200x. Viele Systeme wie FFA, PvP Modi oder selbst die Wahl der Levelmethode erwarten euch.
v18 Mid Rate
Mushmoot Flyff
We are back, stronger than ever before! With our NEW AND CUSTOM MOUNT SYSTEM we will give you an improved Flyff experience! We offer a lot of custom content; maps, weapons, jewelry and more! With weekly updates and as a growing server, we welcome you with open arms to come and join us today!
Tales of Soul
Start your own adventure and write your own flyff-story.
Multilanguage V21 Farming Low Rate
Tripoloski Flyff
in work...
No P2W Multilanguage V15 Discord Integration Old School No P2W Farm & Fun PvP Beginner Items Free To Win Mid Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege
Forgotten Heroes
Our Rates are: EXP x2500, DROP x750, PENYA x1000 ! If you do a \'\'Hero Reborn\'\' you receive the following Rates: EXP x1250, DROP x1500, PENYA x1000 ! We give our best to give you a GamePlay with Balanced Classes, The Max Level on Forgotten Heroes is currently 155 ! Here is a list of some Feature...
Guild Siege Farming Server Active PVP V21
Flyff Iblis
Flyff Iblis
Ghost FlyFF
EXP: 5, CUSTOMIZED PENYA & DROPS Ghost FlyFF is a new v15 based old-school server opened October 2018. It is run by a professional team with high activity. Systems include new custom maps, in-game donator vendor with the currency obtained by End-game bosses, Farmable Ghost Tokens to exchange for awe...
Beginner Items Farm Server Guild Siege No Pay to Win Old School Friendly Multilanguage V15 Low Rate
Servidor 100% BRASILEIRO online a mais de 4 anos mid rate exp: x130 drop: x70 gold: x450 VEM JOGAR COM A GENTE!!! 200+ players on
New Low rate server farm and guildwar v19
Insanity Flyff
insanity flyff flying with wings
Fly For Light
EXP Rate: 4.000x Penya Rate: 1.000x Drop Rate: 250x
TalesRunner Global
Best Private Server. Anubis & Raid Channel, Events GM, Channel Event and more...! Join us Rates: Exp 5x & TR 10x Online: 50-100+ Everyday
Magma flyff
Let\'s go level up
Solid FlyFF
Exp x100 Drop x50 Penya x80 Rates. Come and Join with Us!
Fresh Server Free Starting Gear Fun Mid Rate Real Mounts Inventory Tabs Free For All Siege Farm & Fun No P2W Mid Rate - Farm Server Friendly Community Vote Rewards Custom Systems Active PVP v20
Mystic FlyFF
[Rates: 250x Exp, 100x Drop&Gold;][Daily Siege][Deathmatch][Premium][Custom Awakes][Custom Buffs][All CS In NPC][Events Everyday][Custom Maps][Custom Arena][Always Updating][Adv. Petfilter][OneClickJobs][Guild & Player Color System][Level Rewards][Online Time Rewards][Join Today!!!!]
Flyff Cheats, Bots, and Guides - Exploits R Us
Cheats, Bots, Guides, Dupes and more for Flyff
Fly for Felice Mid Rate Server
Fly for Felice ist ein Mid Rate Hamachi Server !
New server server server, test server server server
Mid Rate PvP Farm & Fun
Flyff International
Epic comeback of International flyff highrate private server. Thank you so much for your long patience and to those who help me and my dev in CBT to revise this work of our old friend. We improved the game system, focused and favored loyal players who love farming and reduced imbalance stats from t...
best server world
Legion Flyff - 4 New Continents In World Map
Legion Flyff - Fresh Midrate/Hybrid Server. Bored with old farming sites? Four new continents added to the world map and new monsters. Cool features such as sphere grid system, passive talent, card album, much more for you to discover. You can farm all the items ingame without spending a centavo. Yo...
Four New Continents Incoming 4th Job Card Album System Passive Skill Tree Macro Switch Gear Built Ingame New Dungeons And Bosses Farm Server No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Hunt and Farm Server Hybrid Server Fresh Server
Utopia Acte 1 L aventure commence FR
En ligne depuis le 18/09/2015 ! Le serveur Utopia est inspiré de FMW Ultimate. De nombreux Défis,Instances, Evénements vous attendent ! Nos rates d\'exp/drop vous permettront de vous amusez chaque jour ! Vous pourrez vous stuff en jouant en Solo jusqu\'au niveau 125-Héros ! Grâce aux nombreuses...