Flyff Private Servers

Listing the most popular Flyff private servers.

Awesome Flyff
Not pay to win Awesome Sauce Flyff is a newly created server, made for the sole purpose of providing top quality Flyff game play experience, a goal that has yet to be reached in the Flyff private server community. Rewards for reaching certain levels, Custom PvP systems, Active community with many...
Shining Nation
Pycckuu npuBaTHbIu cepBep FlyFF. noJlHbiu nepeBog. nogapku 3a level, 3a online, 3a cogeucTBue. 6aJlaHc PVP. 3augu He o6Jlomauc9.
Euphresia FlyFF - Comming soon
Our official launch date is soon! Rates: 100x Exp, 50x Drop, 125x Penya
Daily Missions World Boss System FTool Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V21 Epic Dungeon Active Staff Daily Quests DPS Meter Advanced Features No P2W Auctionshouse Fresh Server Battle Royal Mid Rate Farming
Krona FlyFF
Krona is based around creating the impossible. A client supporting English, French & German. Brand new classes: Legionair & Raider (never done before). Beautiful custom maps, worlds & costumes. Challenging mechanical dungeons. Nobody has ever done it better than us. So what are you waiting for?
700+ Online High Rate Beginner Friendly Most Advanced Server German and French Support Recently Wiped Daily Siege World Bosses Autonomous Invasions Beautiful GUI Brand New Skills Gunner Class Tree Mechanical Dungeons Smart AI Bosses
Almighty FlyFF - Release Friday 7h of December
[No P2W] [Donate Farming Ingame] [Best Lowrate Server in Europe] [Real Mounts] [Auctionhouse] [Tabbed Inv] [Gear Score] [Epic Dungeon System] [Modern Teleporter] [Many official FlyFF bug fixes] [Daily & Weekly Quest] [Custom Systems] [Fresh Server] [Final Version]. Version: v19 Level-Cap: 135-H, 3r...
Beginner Friendly Macro Switch Gear Built Ingame FTool Lowrate Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V19 Custom Systems No P2W Best Lowrate Server in Europe Tabbed Inv Auctionshouse Fresh Server Donate Farming Ingame Real Mounts Beginner Items World Boss System
Paypark FlyFF
Come and Join our Donation Game, we give problems to players we have tons of players but they really don\'t like our game because of having bug problems. Our OJT Team doing their best to have a buggy server. Mission is to give problem to community. Please VOTE to make us trending!
Spirit Flyff
Spirit FlyFF is a progressive low-rate server with quality modifications to provide you the best gameplay possible. Our Rates EXP: x25 DROP: x5 Penja: 50x Maximum Level 155 Our Current Features: Anarchy System Donate Items Ingame Farmable through Red Chips, Spirit Coins and Collectorfield Exchan...
Abyssal Flyff
Guild Siege High Rate
Castle of Heaven
Deutscher v19 Server
FlyFF Returns
FlyFF Returns vidéo : More informations on the forum , Join the community now : Forum : FB : Server : International with multilanguge client : English / German / French fo...
ROOT ONLINE // LOW RATE / Perin System / [Colosseum] [Fashion Combine] [Max Level:200] [Glow Changer][Model Change] [Quick Teleport] Sunday Updates : Pet Filte // Party Finder // Awakening System // FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system // animals to ride [Exp: x100 / Drop: x200 / Penya: x300]. No Pay2Win, ...
V20 flyff Low Rate
Cloud Flyff Online
A server specially built for all types of players, a low rate server that not so hard to be played and farm, but there still challenges offered to make our community alive and long lasting.
NEW SERVER 2019!!! EXP: 75, PENYA: 100, DROP: Custom- Community Day Events! - IG Donate Coupon Farmen! - Anarchysystem - Lord System 7 Tage - MonsterBuffs - ServerBuffs - PartyBuffs - PlayerBuffs - VoteBuff - AzriaGiants für erstes EQ - Neues Waffensystem - 3x GuildWar - Secret-Room Belohnungen - ...
Vote Rewards Custom Systeme Free Starting Gear Fun Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Mid Low Rate Friendly
Classic Game Play
Old School Begginner Items Multilanguage V15
FlyFF Level Up - New Server
We focus on fair game play. Zero tolerance on corruption and cheat. Come and join now! Play with a peace of mind, have an uncorrupted and non pay to win Flyffing experience. Visit our website to learn more about us.
Humid FlyFF [V17 BETA Now Live]
Bringing you the ultimate FlyFF experience! Our goal is set to be the most helpful we can be towards our playerbase. With daily events and rewards from our professional, well trained and hand picked staff, we are giving you the optimal drive to be a part of the amazing community we have. Join now!
Custom Items Beginner Items Farming Server Farm to Win Server Old School Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems Active Discord Multilanguage V17 Glows Active Community Discord Integration Custom Systems Frequent Updates Free Starting Gear Farming Friendly High Rate