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2019 re-done PvE content launched. No wipe since 2014. Custom Rates. Over 1000 players online.Most Active Siege. Powerful Starter kit & Level-Up Rewards. Custom Colosseum. Custom Secret Room. Daily Events. Pet Filter. Party Finder. Transfer Awakening System. New Upgrading Systems. https://discordapp...
High Rate Guild Siege Active Community No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V21 most live market in private servers colosseum
Forsaken FlyFF - Jubiläumsevents aktiv
Wir bieten als deutschsprachiger Highrate-/Hybrid Server seit über sechs Jahren regelmäßige Updates & Events an. Erhalte einzigartige Boni mit unseren Talente-System, schalte Erfolge frei und entdecke viele neue Inhalte. Jetzt mitspielen und Starter-Items zum schnellen Einstieg erhalten!
Über sechs Jahre lang online Deutschsprachige Community Hybrid / High Rate 1200+ täglich aktive Spieler V21 Farm-Server Aktives Team Schneller Support Viele Custom Inhalte und Features No Pay-To-Win Einsteigerfreundlich Regelmäßige Updates
Eclipse FlyFF - Equalized TDM and FFA
Welcome to the sequel of the wildly popular Eclipse FlyFF! Come embrace the greatness in a fully translated English, German or French experience! Filled with nostalgia and hundreds of unique players from all around the globe, we are bringing back the game the players love with an infamous Eclipse tw...
V21 Most Advanced Server PvP at Level 1 Farm from PvP Beautiful GUI Tabbed Inventory Multilingual Client (English, French, German) Guild Siege Custom Flying Mount System Best Developers Very Large Community World Boss System
Entropia - The Kingdom of Madrigal
Entropia is a International Highrate / Hybrid Server with a experienced Team since 2012. We offer you regular updates with new features, content, events and more. Discover a lot of new content in Flyff and become a part of the community! English & German Support! Join us now!
Deutsch English Active Community V21 Experienced Team Hybrid / High-Rate Fast Support Regular Updates No Pay-To-Win Custom Content & Features Farm Server Active Community
Dragon Crusade - International
We are an international Low Rate server. Play now in English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. We offer you a professional team with many years of experience since 2009. Experience a completely new continent and explore its dungeons. Increase your rank and become the strongest player...
Experienced Team Guild Siege Low Rate Farming Server Custom Systems Active Discord Multilanguage V21 English Long-Term Project Nostalgic German and French Support Regular Updates Frequent Events Low Rate World Boss System
[GER-ENG] Shiva FlyFF » Low Rate » Farm 2 Win
German Server, English Client, Nostalgie feeling - Low Rate x20 - Old-School, ein schönes Konzept, ein freundliches Team, schöne Features - wie: Partyfinder, FastJobChange ,Guild Colors, Auto Shout, Anarchy, Recycle, Pet DNA, Party refresh, Lv. 20 Collector, Giants World, Shopping Cart, 168 Invent...
elitepvpers nostalgie flyff shivaflyff Not Pay2win No P2W No Pay to Win Old School V15 V21 Aktives Team Deutsch Fresh Server Fun PvP Beginner Items Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs Friendly
Dope Flyff
V20 multilanguage V21 V20 V19 Most Advanced Server Active Discord Custom Systems Farming Server New Dungeons And Bosses Not Pay2win High Rate Free To Win Farming PvP Custom Systeme No P2W Farm Server New Server
World FlyFF
Conquer the skies in World Flyff, the anime-style MMORPG. Discover the mythical world of Madrigal together with players all around the world. Prevail against the many dangers of this magical place, where hordes of monsters and exciting adventures await you!
Mid Rate No Pay to Win V21 Frequent Events Active PVP Active Community Vote Rewards Friendly Community Beginner Items Free For All Siege Guild Siege
Antares Flyff
Antares Flyff is a new born mid rate server, with advanced features. Completely new UI, Offline Vendors, Improved Stability, Multi Language Client ( PT-BR and EN ), Rebalanced Classes by Community needs, fair vote system, and no pay 2 win!
Mid Rate Mid Rates GW Server Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V21
Euphresia FlyFF - Comming soon Our official launch date is soon! Rates: 100x Exp, 50x Drop, 125x Penya Introduction: Hello, everybody. Euphresia FlyFF is a mixed v21 server with nice features and content. We only use the latest development environments. The team currently consists of a web developer, a gamemaster...
Epic Dungeon Daily Missions World Boss System FTool Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V21 Nostalgic Daily Quests DPS Meter Advanced Features No P2W Auctionshouse Fresh Server Mid Rate Donate Farming Ingame Farming
[New Server] Inside Five
[German and English Server] [3RD Job Klassen] [Donate & Vote Geschenke] [viele Events] [GWS] [24h Online!] [Petfilter] und mehr Spiel kostenlos! Inside Five - Flyff ist ein alt bekannter erfolgreicher Deutscher Server , mit einer Hervorragender Community , welche im Jahr 2012 mehr als 200 aktive s...
V21 Neue Systeme Massig Custom Features Farm & Fun Friendly Guild Siege
GamerZ FlyFF
Fresh Server that is Dedicated for PvP,Farming,Boss Hunting and PK Adventure! Content and Features are customize to suit the best gameplay for all the players. The True Server that really dont need to Pay to Win. We may can\'t offer the Best Features in Flyff Private Server but what i assure is that...
V21 High Rate Farming Not Pay2win Custom Content & Features
Nostalgia Flyff
[Servidor Brasileiro] [Rates Exp - 20x / Drop - 30x / Penya - x50] [Level Máx. 200] [Versão v20 + Custom] [Armas e Armaduras Nv, +155] [Comunidade Ativa] [Servidor Farm/NoPay2Win] [Textura em Desenho] [Guild Sieges] [Traduzido para PT-BR] [Venha Reviver bons momentos].
V21 V20 Custom Systems Lowrate Active Community Guild Siege Friendly Low Rate Farming FFA Fun
[Exp: x50 | Drop: x75 | Penya: x75] [SERVIDOR SEM POLUIÇÃO] [V21 Interface] [BuffPets with Buffs] [Fast Job Change] [v21 World + Weapons] [Max Level 170] [Tabbed Inventory] [BuffPets with Buffs] [Action Slot without Bugs] [Monthly Events] [Donate Shop in Game] [Vote in Game] [Fashions and Items in...
Português Not Pay2win Custom Systems Friendly Most Advanced Server V21 Active Staff Advanced Features Vote Rewards Fun Low Rate Inventory Tabs Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly Guild Siege
Raze Flyff
Monturas English Custom Items Low Rate Active Community No Pay to Win Friendly Active Discord V19 V21 Custom Flying Mount System Best Developers No Pay to Win English Custom Systems Fun PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Guild Siege
Tales of Soul
Start your own adventure and write your own flyff-story.
Multilanguage V21 Farming Low Rate
Dragon Cross Lowrate Flyff Pserver
Als einziger Flyff Pserver seit 2011 haben wir echte Reit- und Flug Mounts, die sich nicht statisch durch die Gegend buggen, sondern richtig animiert wurden! Wir haben ein Auktionshaus, welches KEIN anderer Pserver besitzt, wir bieten das Tabbed Inv, 3D Custom Maps, Waffen und Monster, eine 4. Jobkl...
Lowrate Multilanguage V21 Real Fly Mounts Blackmarket Not Pay2win Vote Rewards Tabbed Inv 4th Job Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Guild Siege
PlayPark Fly for fun
PlayPark Flyff goal is to bring back the old day of playing So what are you waiting for join now
Old School V5 Multilanguage V15 V19 V20 V21 Frequent Updates Friendly Community Old School Low Rate
Flyff Community Discord - xd
hi im stupidxd join my disc for cool stuff
V19 V21
Holy Knights
[New Server!] [EXP 250x] [Drop 125x] [Penya 190x] [World Bosses] [Pet Model Change] [BattleGround] [Guildbuffs][Custom Interface] [Custom Maps/Dungeons] [Rebirth][and much more][Join now!]
Open Beta Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Begginner Items Friendly Multilanguage V21 Best Lowrate Server in Europe Fun Real Mounts Farming Free To Win Mid Low Rate Friendly World Boss System