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Ignite Flyff - New Cluster available now
DPS Meter Invasion System No P2W FFA Farming Low Rate Friendly World Boss System
Clockworks FlyFF
Clockworks FlyFF is a professional Mid-Rate server, run by a superb team of developers with several years of experience. We strive to create an amazing community, including balanced gameplay, great new items and awesome content. We can\'t wait for you to join!
Farm Server Rewarding Active Community Discord Integration All Versions Custom Systems No P2W PvP Mid Rate Guild Siege
GLOBAL FLYFF - 2013 French,English Server
HIGH RATES SERVER? Exp: x9999 Penya: x9999 Drop: x9999 HP up to 100b Mount System Red chips drop event x5 For newbie reward Active Guild war Everyday Active Siege Everyday Active Secret Room Everyday All items are huntable Perin/RC/RP (NO DONATE ITEMS) Balanced Gameplay Global Flyff since 2016 ...
V15 Global PVP No P2W Beginner Items FFA Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly Guild Siege High Rate
Almighty FlyFF - 24th August
[No P2W] [Donate Farming Ingame] [Best Lowrate Server in Europe] [Real Mounts] [Auctionhouse] [Tabbed Inv] [Gear Score] [Difficult Dungeon System] [Modern Teleporter] [Many official FlyFF bug fixes] [Colosseum] [Custom Systems] [Fresh Server] Version: v19 Level-Cap: 135-H, 3rd Job Cluster 1 [Almig...
Most Advanced Server V19 Custom Systems No P2W Best Lowrate Server in Europe Tabbed Inv Auctionshouse Fresh Server Donate Farming Ingame Real Mounts Beginner Items World Boss System
Dragon Flyff - International
Dragon Flyff aims to provide long term server to the community. Fun, Active Community, Midrate Server, Free Server that focuses to provide the best of Flyff gaming. Farming is a big word in the server. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as you journey th...
V15 Custom Content & Features Begginner Items Friendly Community No P2W Fresh Server Fun Mid Low Rate Friendly
Vendetta Flyff [Multi Rate]
Multi Rate|Community Driven|Friendly Staff|Custom Options| Custom Maps|Custom Items|High Quality Game Play|Automatic Invasion System - With Rewards|Mount System|NON-PAY-TO-WIN|Fishing System|Updated Collecting System|Teleporter|Party Finder|Prestige|Instant Buy/Selling|2nd Job Start|Gambling System...
Guild Siege multi Rate Advanced Features Automatic Invasion Friendly Farming FFA Real Mounts PvP No P2W
Solid FlyFF
Exp x100 Drop x50 Penya x80 Rates. Come and Join with Us!
Fresh Server Free Starting Gear Fun Mid Rate Real Mounts Inventory Tabs Free For All Siege Farm & Fun No P2W Mid Rate - Farm Server Friendly Community Vote Rewards Custom Systems Active PVP v20
Arsaniann World
Arsaniann est un offi-like nouvellement relancé par son administrateur Aluna, relativement basique mais avec de nombreuses nouveautés! Les rates sont officielles mais la montée des niveaux est jalonnée de quêtes qui en plus de l\'expérience vous offrent de l\'équipement! De plus, les administ...
V15 No P2W Farming Low Rate Old School
Memoria - Flyff [Open Beta] Welcome to Memoria! We offer unique fun in Level, Farms & Equipments. Our Features are: Petfilter (Black & White list), Guild War Level System with Ranking, 168 Slot Inventory, Inventory Searchfunction, Some cool graphic updates, Pets get Exp by Monster kill, Random Monster Buff System, Range Collec...
Open Beta V19 Low Rate Friendly F-Tool Profession System Extended Iventory No P2W Farm Server Fresh Server
Hills Flyff
We are happy to present our new Flyff serve, with active GMs, Midle rates, custom server systems, [Max Level 150] [3rd Job] [Farm Premium items] [PetFilter] [Rebirth 5] [PartyFinder] [All Rates x35] In addition, the game promises improvements, adding items and worlds to have fun.
Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win Farm to Win Server Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord V19 Active Community No P2W Rebirth Inventory Tabs Free To Win Free For All Siege Guild Siege
Fenrir Flyff
[No P2W] [Farmable Donate Items] [Super High Rate] [Rebirth System] [Auctionhouse] [Modern Teleporter] [Many official FlyFF bug fixes] [Colosseum] [Custom Systems] [Fresh Server] Version: v19 Level-Cap: 150 -H 3rd Job Cluster 1 [Almighty High Rate]: 9999x, Custom Custom Release:August 27, 2018
V19 High Rate Guild Siege Friendly Free To Win Farming Rebirth Beginner Items Farm & Fun Auctionshouse No P2W
The Path of the legendary Online
Server ist Aktuell offline , wir versuchen denn Server so schnellst möglich wieder zu Starten!!,dazu kommt das wir den Anbieter wechseln!! da wir mit Zap-Hosting nicht zufrieden sind.
V20 Neue Systeme No P2W 4th Job Deutsch Fun Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Low Rate