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Flyff Iblis
Low Rates: EXP 2x, PENYA 5x, DROP 2x Flyff\'s vanilla gameplay. \"Vanilla\" in the computer world means a basic version of something, without any special features or customisations (from its use for no-flavour ice cream). -Colin Fine Version History / Roadmap: v15 (2017), v16 (2018). No wipe histor...
v16 Low Rate V15 Fun PvP Beginner Items Farming Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege Farm & Fun Old School
Dragon Crusade - International
We are an international Low Rate server. Play now in English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. We offer you a professional team with many years of experience since 2009. Experience a completely new continent and explore its dungeons. Increase your rank and become the strongest player...
Experienced Team Guild Siege Low Rate Farming Server Custom Systems Active Discord Multilanguage V21 English Long-Term Project Nostalgic German and French Support Regular Updates Frequent Events Low Rate World Boss System
Fly For Fun Classic
Freshly baked vanilla server! Comes with default features of version 15 with no extradition. We aim to preserve the contents of the version 15 as it is already beautiful as it is. Huge community is waiting for us! Our server is located at Singapore that a very low latency is expected with minimum of...
nostalgie Balanced Server Big community English Active Community Farm to Win Server Old School Active PVP V15 Active PK Farm Server Vote Rewards Friendly Community Global PVP Old School Fresh Server PvP Low Rate Free To Win
Spirit FlyFF - [Launched Sep 7th, 2018] - Mid Rate
( Exp: x80 / Custom Penya & Drop Rate ) | 2 Guild Sieges per week (MOST ACTIVE SIEGE SERVER, 20+ Players Each Siege) | Maximum Level 165 | Improved Graphics (HD) | High Quality Gaming | No Pay 2 Win, All items can be hunted | Reworked Dungeons & Custom Dungeons | Increased Inventory Space | Custom f...
Guild Siege Mid Rate Custom Systems No Pay to Win Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Most Advanced Server Multilanguage Old School Active Community Fresh Server PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege World Boss System
AirFlyFF Latino [Halloween]
Servidor Traducido al Español, GMs de habla hispana y muy activo Discord.[FlyFF v18][Max Nivel 150][3er Job][Farm ítems][Sieges diarias][Vip][PetFiltro][DropLogs][PartyFinder][Custom Baruna][Loteria][Karaoke][Transfer Despertar][BuyBack][Monturas][FFA][Guild Buff][Online Buff][DISCORD: wxkE7f7].
Latino Monturas v18 Farming Server Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Active Community Vote Rewards Farming Low Rate Guild Siege
[GER-ENG] Shiva FlyFF » Low Rate » Farm 2 Win
German Server, English Client, Nostalgie feeling - Low Rate x20 - Old-School, ein schönes Konzept, ein freundliches Team, schöne Features - wie: Partyfinder, FastJobChange ,Guild Colors, Auto Shout, Anarchy, Recycle, Pet DNA, Party refresh, Lv. 20 Collector, Giants World, Shopping Cart, 168 Invent...
elitepvpers nostalgie flyff shivaflyff Not Pay2win No P2W No Pay to Win Old School V15 V21 Aktives Team Deutsch Fresh Server Fun PvP Beginner Items Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs Friendly
Dragon Cross Flyff Pserver - Multilanguage
Flyff Pserver seit 2011 mit echtem Profession System (Angler, Schmied, Sammler, Händler & Pet Tamer)! 4. Job mit neuen Skills, Reit- und Flug Mounts, Modelview für Items, Pets und Mounts. Der Schwarzmarkt wartet auf Dich! Bis gleich...
V22 Multilanguage Auktionshaus Modelviewer Pets und Mounts Profession System Not Pay2win 4th Job Real Mounts Beginner Items Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs
Low Rate EXP : 200x Drop: 5x Gold : 200x Classic theme, Basic version of Flyff, with useable features added.
V20 V19 V15 Free To Win Low Rate Free Starting Gear Farm & Fun No P2W Vote Rewards
Zeta Flyff Rev - Multilanguage
Zeta Flyff Rev | NEW Ranks System | Multilanguage Client [English - Spanish] Rates Low | v15 Interface | Maximum Level 150| Custom System |FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system| 3rd Jobs| All Quest | Siege Configured or Manual | GM Daily Event | Gm and Admin Lord Event - Cliente de multilenguaje (inglés - espa...
v18 Low Rate Active PVP Multilanguage PvP Farming Low Rate Inventory Tabs Guild Siege
Nostalgia Flyff
[Servidor Brasileiro] [Rates Exp - 20x / Drop - 30x / Penya - x50] [Level Máx. 200] [Versão v20 + Custom] [Armas e Armaduras Nv, +155] [Comunidade Ativa] [Servidor Farm/NoPay2Win] [Textura em Desenho] [Guild Sieges] [Traduzido para PT-BR] [Venha Reviver bons momentos].
V21 V20 Custom Systems Lowrate Active Community Guild Siege Friendly Low Rate Farming FFA Fun
[Exp: x50 | Drop: x75 | Penya: x75] [SERVIDOR SEM POLUIÇÃO] [V21 Interface] [BuffPets with Buffs] [Fast Job Change] [v21 World + Weapons] [Max Level 170] [Tabbed Inventory] [BuffPets with Buffs] [Action Slot without Bugs] [Monthly Events] [Donate Shop in Game] [Vote in Game] [Fashions and Items in...
Português Not Pay2win Custom Systems Friendly Most Advanced Server V21 Active Staff Advanced Features Vote Rewards Fun Low Rate Inventory Tabs Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly Guild Siege
Raze Flyff
Monturas English Custom Items Low Rate Active Community No Pay to Win Friendly Active Discord V19 V21 Custom Flying Mount System Best Developers No Pay to Win English Custom Systems Fun PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Guild Siege
Arsaniann World
Arsaniann est un offi-like nouvellement relancé par son administrateur Aluna, relativement basique mais avec de nombreuses nouveautés! Les rates sont officielles mais la montée des niveaux est jalonnée de quêtes qui en plus de l\'expérience vous offrent de l\'équipement! De plus, les administ...
V15 No P2W Farming Low Rate Old School
Tales of Soul
Start your own adventure and write your own flyff-story.
Multilanguage V21 Farming Low Rate
Battle FlyFF
BattleFlyFF - The best lowrate server is back soon!
V15 Active Discord Custom Systems Custom PK Old School Friendly Low Rate Beginner Items PvP Fun Fresh Server
Battle FlyFF v15 - Nostalgic Gameplay - Big Patch at 08 March 2019
[Launched Dec. 2018] Battle FlyFF is a low-rate farm Server, run by an experienced team, that will remind you of the good old FlyFF days. Frequent updates with new content provice for a constant gameplay. Furthermore we offer lots of custom features, a custom PK System and active Guild Sieges.
Custom Systems V15 Custom Content & Features Custom PK Custom Systems Vote Rewards Frequent Updates No P2W Farm & Fun PvP Farming Low Rate
PlayPark Fly for fun
PlayPark Flyff goal is to bring back the old day of playing So what are you waiting for join now
Old School V5 Multilanguage V15 V19 V20 V21 Frequent Updates Friendly Community Old School Low Rate