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A new server that f4s migrated to. Instant 150 Level. Guild Siege every 3 hours (3rounds), Guild Siege for low class type. Death Match War 2 sessions a day, Dota2 model, Perin Converter, Fast Awakening, Teleporting System, Glow Changer, Advanced Transfer Awakes. Fixed awakening like Str+511, Dex+511...
Angelic Flyff v19
We come to the new world of fun . Angelic Flyff v19 is the full HIGH RATE server With Rate Exp x 1000 Drop x 300 Penya x 1000 Full Custom map . Fully Edited Skills. Unique Game Play. And A Fast Growing Community .Come And Join Us HAVE FUN!
Beginner Friendly Incoming 4th Job Hybrid / High Rate Guild Siege Farming Server Farm to Win Server Custom PK Most Advanced Server V19
Sentinel FlyFF
Sentinel FlyFF is a Classic Server with awesome features, providing a top quality flyff gameplay experience and a Midrate Server | Reworked Drop and Dungeons | Custom Items, Maps, Fashion and Pets | 168 Inventory Slot | Custom Currency | Farm2Win Server, All item can be hunted | Come and Join Us Now...
English No P2W Farm to Win Server Begginner Items Custom Systems Active Discord Beginner Packages Mid Rate World Boss System
iPlay FlyFF
iPlay FlyFF is one of the few No P2W (No Pay to Win) server based on Singapore. Rates: Exp:500, Penya:100, Drop:Custom. Growing Active Community. Unique Events.
Not Pay2win Farm Server No P2W No Pay to Win GW Everyhour Begginner Items
PlayPark Fly for fun
PlayPark Flyff goal is to bring back the old day of playing So what are you waiting for join now
Old School V5 Multilanguage V15 V19 V20 V21 Frequent Updates Friendly Community Old School Low Rate
Lambo FlyFF
•Full v19 with v20 contents•High Rate Server•No Donate Items•Farm to Win•And so on, new server -March 4, 2019•
V20 V19 Friendly Farm to Win Server No Pay to Win Beginner Friendly Farm Server High Rate Guild Siege
No P2W Kein Pay to Win
Soul Flyff v19
Soul Flyff- Is a Philipines Server V19 Friendly Gaming Staff Huntable End Armors and Weapons XP Rate9999x Drop Rate1x Penya Rate
Heroes of Flyff
Website: Heroes of Flyff Features:
V15 Multilanguage
Flyff Iblis
Flyff Iblis
Insanity Flyff
insanity flyff flying with wings
Magma flyff
Let\'s go level up
Solid FlyFF
Exp x100 Drop x50 Penya x80 Rates. Come and Join with Us!
Fresh Server Free Starting Gear Fun Mid Rate Real Mounts Inventory Tabs Free For All Siege Farm & Fun No P2W Mid Rate - Farm Server Friendly Community Vote Rewards Custom Systems Active PVP v20
Paypark FlyFF
Come and Join our Donation Game, we give problems to players we have tons of players but they really don\'t like our game because of having bug problems. Our OJT Team doing their best to have a buggy server. Mission is to give problem to community. Please VOTE to make us trending!
Cloud Flyff Online
A server specially built for all types of players, a low rate server that not so hard to be played and farm, but there still challenges offered to make our community alive and long lasting.