Ether Saga Odyssey Private Servers in United States

Top 100 Ether Saga Odyssey Private Servers ranked by popularity in United States

ESO Zero 2016
ESO Zero+ is an unique mid-rate Ether Saga Odyssey server with tons of custom new features and continuous, incremental development. We reopened with new server and new features, continue the development of Ether Saga Odyssey, let\'s start over and make another epic story to tell.
Back To Odyssey
EXP x15, Gold x30, Spirit x15, Good valor on DLW/LW/FE/FF/Lendris! Come back to the old odyssey without custom Gears! Pure PVP battles, Bosses, Ether Castle War, New advanced pets, NPC Etc. Fully Free to play. Join us today!