Veteris cabal


Friendly and Active GM's Server rates: Medium-High 1.EXP: x200 2.Pet EXP: x100 3.TG EXP: x250 4.Drop item: x4 5.Craft EXP: x150 6.Skill EXP: x200 7. Alz(bomb) 7x(50x) 8. T-point: 1t-p per minute 9. Voting System 10: No Reborn Characters 11. Full farm to win SERVER FEATURES: Begin Starter Package: Mithril 24/2 outrageuos armors/weapons 30/5 cdi. acessories/­bracelets/earrings/­amulet of pain+7/cr+3 rol+3. and etc. Grade: 14 Honor: 14 Rank: Novice EPISODE 8-20 SERVER The Nation of War Every 2 hours! Maximum Level is 200 (LVL) New Skills New Costumes/Weapon/­Avatar/Head. New Items New costume buffs Auto GM Buff added! Full of New Dungeons: BM3 (LVL=1) Only 1 alz. New Astral Bikes New Pets Arcana's Craft +1 until +20 Amulet of Resist +1 until +4 Defensive Earrings +1 until +7 NEW DUNGEONS: Mirage Island Devils Tower (New Dungeon Cabal) Forgotten Temple FT3 Tower of Undead B3F Part 2 Tower of Undead B3F Part 1 Abandoned City Seal of The Darkness Edge of Phantom. Glacies Inferna. Chaos Key Of Infinity Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Awakened) illusion castle Underworld (Awakened) World Of The Zombies (Dungeon) Forgotten Temple FT2 (Awakened) Hazardous Valley (Awakened) Arena Legendary. Key of Overload. Arena of Eternal. Forbidden Island (Awakened) Lost Island Compass Map Part Ruined Train Card (Awakened) Ruined Train Card (Easy-Normal-Hard) Panic Cave(Awakened) Panic Cave(Easy-Normal-Har­d) Panic Cave(Premium) NEW SETS EXCLUSIVE: Demon Knight Miyajima Samurai White Star's Palladium Archidium Don't wait try you will not regret

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