There's also an expansive wardrobe to pick from


Press conferences, an aspect that used to consist of a couple of button presses little to no idea, are now more detailed and more significant than before.Your created manager will sit down in a desk and also take questions from the media before and after games. You will field questions on many different topics, from your next opponents, past game, specific players and, needless to say, yourself.Fans of Football Manager will know about such conferences, and EA don't have any doubt taken inspiration from Sports Interactive here. The benefit over FM, however, is that you can actually see your manager whilst answering the questions, that's something which can not be overstated. Obviously, you can bypass those, but you'd lose out on potentially boosting your team's morale and, let us be honest, a bit of fun.If you're doubting EA's devotion to these improvements, this is what the folks behind FIFA mobile needed to say in their new developments. "Our vision was to breathe new life to the Manager Career adventure by leveraging the immense amounts of data that playing this mode generates and construct a variation of ever-changing tales that would surface to our gamers through Pre and Post-Match Press Conferences and Player Conversations. These are not just general story lines which we put together to mimic authenticity. These are stories built based on player progress which each participant will be able to interact with and affect the morale of the group and their reputation as the team's supervisor." It is not just the media now you can speak to, but the gamers too. Again, these will probably be skippable, but doing so will probably harm the morale of the participant in question and the group for a whole.This appears like it's cut and pasted from Football Manager, but it's still something I'm looking forward to seeing and the developers have detailed this mode will play :"Player Conversations will largely function as 1-on-1 interaction between the players and manager within the team through a messaging app-like interface. Within both, you will be able to decide on the manner in which you handle a wide assortment of scenarios, and, based on your methods, either favorably or negatively influence player morale as well as your rating as a manager." The level of detail you can enter when designing your manager previously was not the best, but that's all about to change. Because you might have been able to tell from the ginger manager in some of the promotional shots, there's a real customisation tool available to you.Every physical feature, in the lips, to the ears and even the eyebrows could be edited to look like you (or somebody else, the choice is yours). There's also an expansive wardrobe to pick from, you can even go to your Tony Pulis baseball cap, if this sort of attire takes your fancy.Long overdue as well is that you can create a female avatar, which makes the game much more inclusive to female players. There is a large amount of"firsts" and expansions in career mode this season, and there might be revealed closer to release date, such as current players becoming managers during Career Mode. Check out for more details.

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