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Rise In Flame


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Location Lithuania
Posted By Franek Franczeski


1.EXP: x500 2.Pet EXP: x300 3.TG EXP: x300 4.AP EXP: x150 5.Drop: x4 to x7 6.Drop rates: x30 7.Craft: x500 8.Skill EXP: x500 -------------------- Server Features: :purple_heart:War of Nations for the flag every week! (With good Prizes)! :green_heart:The Battle for the ForceCalibur every week! :yellow_heart:Fully new drop location, Description of the drop you will find in the game! :underage:New MAPS: Senillinea,Nostalgia Forest! :two_hearts:New skills (EP-12) and (EP-16)! :purple_heart:New costumes, weapon costumes! :blue_heart:Custom events! :green_heart:Active administration! :yellow_heart:New Dungeon * Abandoned City * and many others! :purple_heart:New General Craft and Armor is enough to take a transmuter! :bar_chart:Weekly Battle for Arcane Golem Rage! :space_invader:New Pets! :ring:New Accessories of the Bosses with the Dungeons! :seat:New Bikes! :yellow_heart:For each class all buffs are balanced) :purple_heart:New buffs, only with us. :green_heart: Unique drop from bosses. :purple_heart:The War of Nations(TG) every 2 hours! :cupid:New craft of Talismans from +0 until +7. :heartpulse:The Auction (Snow of Oblivion) is extended for all new items. OS Support (Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10) New GM Buff! Stable server operation, disconnections are possible only in connection with technical work. A fully functional website where you can take anything. And much more, just everything we have here Friendly Players, Guilds! :two_hearts::two_hearts:AUTO GM BUFF!

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