Cabal X Series


CabalXSeries - Pure Farm To Win Server Server rates: Medium - High rate Server. Noramal 6 Classes to be play Long term goal server Server rates: -EXP x350 -AXP x500 -SKILL x650 -PET EXP x250 -War EXP x100 -Drop x2 Server Features - Every 3 hours Nation of War. - War 109 Bracket 0 Exp inside the war and 0 reward Exp. - Auto GM buffs - New costume avatar/weapon - New dungeons - New Pets - New wings - New mounts - New Ultimate buffs! - No Daily Quest or Normal Quest - Balance PVP for Donators and Non Donators. - 24/7 and 100% Uptime. - No donate Set And many more!

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