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FOREVER CABAL - Grand Opening on Dec 15
[NEW] LONG TERM SERVER MID-HIGH RATES,No OP Items,No Reborn,MRC/CRI Scroll in TP Shop and CI,No Amp Scrolls,New Dungeons,Avatar,Skills, Pet,Anti Cheat,Goal event,Free Set +15,Grade 14 + HR12,Free Pet,Costume,eCoins for First 50 Players [Join us now]
Furion Cabal Ep 8
Furion Cabal: Episode 8, EXP: 500X, SKILL: 300X, CRAFT: 100X, WEXP: 5X, DROP: 10X, ALZ: 200X, AXP: 25X, MAX LEVEL: 190. PvP Arena, 7/24, Arcane Trace, SYNERGY, Friendly staff. Join now.
Rapadant Networks Cabal
Rapadant Networks now has an MMO server on the game Cabal Online!! Check out our site and join our discord for more updates, socializing and nation/guild related opportunities and discussions aswell as enjoying our other creations!