Cabal Online Private Servers in Russian Federation

Top 100 Cabal Online Private Servers ranked by popularity in Russian Federation

HardCore Cabal Online
100 level at the start of the game. New buffs, new classes, new dungeons, max level 250, a unique system of ranks for the war
Perfect Cabal
Best PvE Server RU Balanced PvP-PvE Low Rate - Long Play New Skills & Buffs New Costumes,Hats,Weapon skins All New official Dungeon and custom Dungeon Balanced Nation War+Unique features. Fully Work T-Point System & Yul Event System. And more...Play Free Now!
Cabal Trinity Low-Midrate Server
Cabal Trinity Online! Low-Mid Rate Private Server - No item donations - No donator sets - New costumes - New pets - Mounts - 3 new armor sets to choose from - Force close is a NO - Staff is 24/7 online - Donation is ecoin only - No Overpowered items -Legend Arena -EOD B3F PART 2 Server Rate: Exp...