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Acharnes Black Desert [Remastered Black Desert]
Hello, i\'d like to introduce you to Acharnes Black Desert Online. We´re a x10 High rate Progression server, with enabled Trade ( Trading Mastery ). We put out patches almost every or every other day. Other Features: 1 FS = 0.5% Successchance, x10 Fish prices, Memory Fragments drop per every Scroll...
Remastered High Rates Custom Enhancements Development Customized Rates Trading No afk gain Active Community
Crimson Desert Online
Crimson Desert Online is a private server with 500% rates, a progressive release and a custom enhancement scaling as well as other custom features such as new Red Battlefield rewards, in-game boss timers, a new pearl system and more! Here you will find a team of professional developers that run a se...
V2100 Custom Enhancements High Rates